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    Hey guys. I also have a Weatherby SA-08 in 12ga. But I seem to have a bit of a problem with it. And unlike the great People of Browning and the Browning Owners group. I can't find a website for Weatherby shotguns. So, I'll ask on here. Can someone help me with a recoil ring question???

    Ok, I have anwered my own question. LOL. All good. Thanks
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  2. Budzo100

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    Well, I was out this past weekend. I shot in the 2017 Canadian Sporting Clays National event in Valleyview. I didn't shoot all that well. But had a great time doing it. I found that the nerves got to me on the first and second day of the event. Plus. The targets were out further than I had anticipated. But it is the national event. So they do need to make it challenging for the best of the best. Saturday and Sunday were big improvements for sure. All in all, a great time at Shotshell Sporting clay range.
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    I have never used the Mullers, but I do use my A400 Xtreme from time to time for trap. The factory tubes are nice, but personally, I use a Patternmaster Code Black Turkey choke tube in it for trap. The shotgun itself is a great gun, but I can't draw my face tight enough to the stock to get directly behind the bead with my line of sight.

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