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  1. How accurate is/was your x-bolt right out of the box? Please post in MOA and calibur. I'll go first, 30'06 sub MOA with handlaods of 165SBT, 180SBT and 180RN Sierras. Best group so far is a 3 shot under 3" group with Sierra 165SBT's. Oh at 300 yards. Its a composite stalker too.
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  2. cupton

    cupton .410

    Sounds like we have the same X-Bolt. I'm no sharp shooter so I stopped zeroing my scope once I hit that 1 MAO mark at 100 yards with my Stainless Stalker in 30-06. I knew that if I fine tuned my scope any further I'd somehow end up going in the opposite direction. And I'm OK with that. ;) This was before white tail season here in western PA so I didn't want to ruin a good thing. 100 Yards is plenty where I am at. Didn't matter anyway. Went into the season with 20 rounds in my bag and came out with 20 rounds. ;)

    Actually now that the weather is getting nicer Im looking forward to taking the X-Bolt out and seeing how she does at longer distances. I'm sure she'll do fine. Me? We'll see!
  3. Madala

    Madala Copper BB

    In case anyone is still monitoring this thread, my last two X-Bolts in .308 and 300 WSM have both struggled with 4 MOA or more out of the box with factory ammo in various bullet weights. Both have good glass, Zeiss and Vortex respectively. I have been able the get the .308 to 1.5 MOA with hand loaded 165 gr Barnes TTSX rounds. Any advice would be welcome.
  4. Have you checked the mounts to make sure their solid? Check the bedding screws and torque them down. Has anybody else shot your rifle? 4moa is pretty bad, if all the above checks out, try them with 180gr factory loads. Somehthings gotta shoot good thru both the rifles.
  5. if that x bolt in 300 wsm is still struggling, i can relieve you of it.
  6. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    My .308 maple X-Bolt Medallion was sub-m.o.a. right out of the box. It was strange, I was getting 3/4" groups at 100y, but lost it after about 50 rounds. For the next couple of boxes, I could not get under 1 m.o.a., to save my life. Then, after a month or so of inactivity, I took it out for my 4th range day, and it was hitting better groupings than ever.
    I guess I should note that I was running a 4.5-14X50mm Leupold VX-3 scope with duplex, and was bench fired with custom loaded 168gr. ammunition.
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  7. SHOOTER13

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    Cold barrel vs Warm barrel groups will always be different...given the same conditions otherwise.
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  8. I have a 308 and 7mm-08 xbolt and they are tack drivers .Did,t take very many shots to be on.
  9. fortis_risk

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    X bolt long range hunter in 300 win mag, 210 vld bergers 78 grains of retumbo .10 off the lands. 3x18 Leopold v2. She is one ragged hole at 100 and is consistent as can be.
    My second is a stainless stalker 223 shooting 69grain tmk .10 off the lands with 26 grains of varget. She is incredible for a slight barrel. Largest group of five is .9 both are fantastic sticks

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  10. To Rob poston, I have a Browning Maple X Bolt Medalion in .243. It is pretty intensely Fiddleback aka Tiger Maple. On my 100 yard range any ammo I have put thru it was under MOA. On my 800 range I Shot it only at 300 yards and the groups were under 3 inches. The rifle is beautiful and it shoots very well. It has a Nikon Prostaff Seven 30 mm 2.5x 10 3x9x40 Scope. I have supplied some Sugar Maple stock material and have some proof that this stock is probably from here. Every function and fit on the rifle is far above what I would expect of a rifle at this price! I own some very nice rifles and this one is magnificent. My photo files are apparently too high resolution for the forum but I hope to be able to post some photos sometime in the future! The X. Bolt is simply an Awesome rifle. Compares very well to my Winchester Model 70s and a custom rifle.
  11. Tzyam34

    Tzyam34 Copper BB

    I have an X-bolt 7mm08 and have ongoing issues with accuracy. Out of the box 3” was the best I could get with Winchester Deer Season Extreme Point. Tried several other different types of ammo all were worse. Give the rifle back to Browning and they managed a 2” group and said they could get better with different loads and give it back to me. I’ve switch the scope to a Vortex Viper, had a gunsmith work on the trigger and action, developed my own loads and am still only shooting 1” with some really odd fliers now and then. Far from impressed with Browning. Has anyone managed to find a solution to accuracy? Is it the stock? Thanks

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  12. DROD

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    i have the stalker long range in 7mm rem mag and have shot a 3 inch 5 shot group at 420 yards with it.that was with superformance ammo with the sst bullet 162g. waiting for the snow to melt and going to work up some reloads.the scope is a nikon black x 1000 6x24x50 with a vortex anti cant level on it 22222222.jpg 1111111.jpg
  13. Nice group and rifle. Is that a boyds stock?
  14. DROD

    DROD Copper BB

    it is a boyds stock,yes...it shot that good out of the box too but i didnt like the stock....the rifling is 1 in 8 inch twist. to be honest,that was the big reason i bought my first browning...i was looking for a faster twist barrel for the heavier bullets.it seems to prefer 162g bullets over the 175's though
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  15. I shoot mostly factory loads and have never been impressed with the accuracy but that is likely me or the factory ammo and not the rifle. I do have the ability to reload and picked up some Hornady 165 grain BTSP Interlock to try. No Accubond on the shelf.

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