X-Bolt .270 ammo recommendation

Discussion in 'Browning X-Bolt Rifle' started by Kevin270, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Kevin270

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    I am a relatively new hunger and recently purchased an X-Bolt .270 WSM. My intent is to find a decent hunting round that can achieve 1MOA at 100yards (max hunting range is 200 yards). To save a little hassle was wondering if anyone has a recommend bullet weight (and brand) to start with. I am extremely concerned with shot placement and ensuring I don't send wounded animals running back into the woods.
  2. wafiwhacker

    wafiwhacker .22LR

    I load my own ammo and have found the new 145gr ELD-X bullet from Hornady to be extremely accurate (sub half MOA). I’m not sure if they are doing a factory round with it for 270wsm but if they are, buy it for sure. The bullet is made for a 1:10 twist and has work for me out to 650yds.

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  3. quack4du

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    Seven shots. One eclipsed a previous hole. 100 yards. BLR in .308, White Gold Medallion. I don't argue with success.[​IMG]

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  4. rbaugh75

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    Try federal fusions, they have shot well out of every Browning rifle I've tried them in.
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  5. otis

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    winchester 150 silvertip. Hard to find but shoot real well. Not for elk though.
  6. Planetcat

    Planetcat .410

    I also use a lot of fusion ammo. It is inexpensive, reliable, and has good terminal performance. Ive found that my browning and fn/winchesters prefer bullets on th heavier side. I would start with the 150 grain fusions.
  7. I have had excellent results with the Hornady Whitetail. Reasonable price, very accurate and knocks your game down. I use it all the time when I shoot .243. But nice in .270 but with more recoil. I do use Hornady Superformance as well, but either work really well.
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  8. Kevin270

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    David Johnson, thank you! Though research and recommendations I have also landed on the Hornsby Whitetail loads. The 130 grain shoot so well it feels unfair to hunt with them. The heavier hornady shoot respectably but the 130 grain are exceptional. I may continue to find a heavier load that works as well but for now exreiemely happy with the hornady whitetail 130 grain!
  9. cupton

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    Can’t comment on the knockdown (I’m apparently a crappy hunter) but Hornady Whitetail is what I use in my XBolt .30-06 and my grandpas ol’ Remington 721 .270. It’s very accurate in both rifles, nice groups, priced right and available everywhere.

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