With all the newer hi powers hitting the market…………

Discussion in 'Browning Hi Power Handgun' started by Rgrigutis, Jul 24, 2022.

  1. Rgrigutis

    Rgrigutis Copper BB

    Do you think the value of the original hi powers will be diminished what with the appearance of all the new clones
  2. Ranger6

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    Nope. Not a chance.
  3. Soundguy

    Soundguy .410

    I have noticed prices of legacy High Powers rising sharply, even in the last few days.
    Prices on the Girsan are stable or going down and I haven't seen overpriced SA-35s listed.

    I will resist paying too much.


  4. Coyote56

    Coyote56 .410

    Spoke with a pretty large distributor here locally. He advised that his source of Springfield pistols told him fewer than 10 SA-35 pistols were allotted for the entire state of Georgia. Eh, I didn’t need one anyway…….
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  5. 5Wire

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    I think the demand is pretty steady and the prices are increasing. It appears the prices are increasing on a "rising tide." Here's my track on the model (FN) since January 2017. Mostly completed Gunbroker auctions adjusted to August 2022 dollars. No NAZI, nickel, alloy, TSAS, holsters, stocks, two tone, chromed, custom engraved, or gold embellishments.

    Browning Hi-Power Pistol in 9x19. Blue Book of Gun Values (41st Edition) indicates between $725 in 95% condition and $1175 in 100% condition for this gun. I have 3058 recorded prices for this model gun from $340 to $3925 over a period of 10 Yrs 9 Mos ending October 27, 2022. The unadjusted average price as of that date was $987. No refurbs, no refinishes, regular sights. Adjusted to two magazines. No distinction for import location or engineering revision, if any, no special editions, no distinctions for box, papers, tools. Current or last MSRP is $1200. The last 2776 prices I have for this model since 1/1/2017 range from $600 to $3925 averaging $1126.

    (My sampling is not intended to be a comprehensive track, just to indicate trends.)

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  6. In The Ten Ring

    In The Ten Ring .270 WIN

    OEM anything always goes up. Copies will always be worth less. Just how the human mind values things.

    All my HP's are by Browning.

    Probably won't buy a copy UNLESS they do something radical like produce a composite frame, new aluminum frame manufacture, add a grip safety.....something new.

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