UPDATE on "Don't care for the BHP trigger curve"

Discussion in 'Browning Hi Power Handgun' started by SkippySanchez, Apr 1, 2023.

  1. SkippySanchez

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    First range time with my '94 BHP after BHSS "BHAdvanced Trigger Sub-Assembly / Installation / Fitting / Trigger Break-Weight-Tuning." Wider trigger shoe with a bit less curve compared to stock, all new springs. Installed the SFS system and dual-stage guide rod a few years ago and removed the mag disconnect.

    The trigger is an improvement although I might go with the lighter spring since it's a range gun only.

    Target is seven rounds at five yards. I stopped there because I didn't want to punch any extra holes.[​IMG][​IMG]

    *I'd give right arm to be ambidextrous*
  2. Ranger6

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    Nice I like it. Job well done.
  3. Looks like some pretty nice shooting, Skippy. Hope you post some targets shot at a further distance.
  4. SkippySanchez

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    I shot out to 10 or 12 yards and had consistent fist-size groups but didn't save the targets. First dozen rounds were a bit sloppy because I don't shoot the BHP much and it's a much different trigger (of course) than my VP9, but tightened up toward the end.

    I didn't see any point moving the target further until I got tighter groups. That target I posted was my last seven rounds for the day and seemed like a good place to stop.

    *I'd give right arm to be ambidextrous*
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