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Discussion in 'Browning Superposed Shotgun' started by mike4570, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. mike4570

    mike4570 Copper BB

    A number of years ago, I inherited my step fathers Superposed Magnum 12. It's choked full and modified.
    This was a working gun, dragged thru the salt marshes on the Jersey coast and corn field goose pits on Maryland's eastern shore. Let's just say it has a lot of character.
    It still locks up tight and the top lever sits to the right of center. Just wondering the year it was made, Serial number 68xxx.
    Thanks all!
  2. Rudolph31

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  3. mike4570

    mike4570 Copper BB

    Thank you, 1958 it is.
  4. Michael McClelland

    Michael McClelland Copper BB

    Hope I am posting on the correct site, new here. I have a Superposed and am trying to figure the year of manufacture. It is a 12g with serial #98511 S9. Made in Belgium.
  5. Longshanx

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  6. Michael McClelland

    Michael McClelland Copper BB

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. The best I could figure was either 1962 or 1969, I think you are correct.

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