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Discussion in 'Browning Mark Handgun' started by flphotog, Nov 26, 2014.

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    I'm looking to replace my 22/45 with a Buck Mark and one thing, (well one thing to begin with) that I need to find out is concerning a rail to mount a red dot sight.
    Some of the Buck Marks obviously have an integral rail but looking at the pictures some don't appear to have a rail at all.

    My question is for those that don't seem to have a rail is it possible to mount one?
    Even better can someone list those that do have a rail. A red dot is a must for my use and I'm going to need to order what I want from my LGS and no one around here carries much in the way of Buck Marks.

    Many Thanks
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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum flphotog !!

    Almost all BuckMark Models either have a rail or are drilled and tapped for mounting a rail for optics...

    Here's a link to the current lineup of BuckMark Pistol configurations...( it's easier than trying to explain each and every detail you requested )

    Here's a picture of my personal BuckMark with a red dot attached:


    Enjoy the forum...
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    I know this is an old post but I figured others might come along seeking the same info.

    For BMs that don't come with a rail from the factory, Weigand and B-Square both make great rails. It should be noted that these rails require the removal of the rear sight base.

    If you want/need to retain a rear sight, Tactical Solutions makes a rail with an integral rear sight. One last option is using a factory Browning rail/rear sight base from a Hunter model. I believe this option may be limited to certain barrel styles.
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    A lucky find...
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