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  1. sschefer

    sschefer .410

    I have some of the best glass available (Schmidt&Bender, Swarovski) and was thinking of getting a BOR but they are just too expensive as an add-on. I recently came across the Burris Eliminator III range finding scope. The one I'm looking at is the 4-16x - 50mm. I was wondering if anyone else has one and what they think of it as a hunting scope. Thanks.
  2. sschefer

    sschefer .410

    After reading many good reviews and finding out that it had been around for few years, I pulled the trigger and bought one at Cabelas. It will go on my new 7mm Rem Mag when I pick it up next week.

    its siting on my kitchen table and I'm learning how to set it up. Quality is excellent and glass is clear and bright.
  3. Range report please.....
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    Burris (now part of Beretta Holdings) has always been known for their bright and clear optics. Since Leupold has started using thinner crosshairs in their scopes, I' purchased a few Burris rifle scopes and been pleased.
    Outdoor writer John Barsness has written many articles and at least one book about rifle scopes. His durability test involves a 416 Rigby a most scopes fail quickly, especially those with really big objective lenses. He has often stated the toughest scope brands are "the B's", Burris and Bushnell. I doubt he has durability tested scope brands that are springer air gun proof. A springer air gun "recoils" in both directions and vibrates as well. I'd put a Hawke scope up against any other brand and expect Hawke and Nightforce to be the last survivors.
    No, I don't own either brand.

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