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Discussion in 'Browning Superposed Shotgun' started by Spinnaker, Dec 29, 2023.

  1. Spinnaker

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    Hello from Canada to fellow Browning owners.

    I’m looking for some feedback and assistance related to a Browning I am thinking of purchasing.

    The owner lists it as a Browning Superposed B2 International Skeet. The serial number is 13071S72 and there is a G stamped on the base of the action under the forend tongue. Barrels are 27.5 inches. The left side of the top barrel is marked "Fabrique National Herstal Belgique"; the right side is marked, "12Ga - Shells 2 3/4 - Made in Belgium, Browning Patent".

    The engraving is game scene pattern—with pheasants on the left side, capercaillie on the right, and partridge on the bottom; signed by W Marechal.

    I am wondering if this Browning is a B25 and how to tell what grade it is? I would appreciate any information you can share about this gun.

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  2. Ranger6

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    Welcome sir, glad you joined. I do not know anything to help you, but one of the fellow members is an expert on Superposed. I'm sure he will answer when he checks back in.
  3. Anatidae

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    Welcome to the group.

    The engraving you describe is that of the FN B2 engraving pattern.

    The engraver would be Alphonse Marechal (the eldest of 4 members of the Marechal family who were FN engravers. The others were Francois, Georges, and Peter. So, the 'W' is actually an 'A'.

    Thanks for the serial number. If you can share any more specifics, it will further my research efforts. It should have a 12mm vent rib, pistol grip stock with semi beavertail forearm and weigh around 3.25kilos. Please confirm.
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  4. Spinnaker

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    Hi Anatidae. Thanks for the information. I can confirm the 12mm vented rib, pistol grip and semi-beavertail. Weight is around 3.3 kg. I am trying to upload photos but the website does not allow. Length of pull is short at 14 inches. It comes with the original leather Browning case.
  5. Ranger6

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    You can post pictures if you use a photo sharing site like Imgur or google. There are instructions in the admin section on how to do this. If you need any help, just let me know. Thanks, Ranger6
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  6. Anatidae

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    Thanks for the additional info and confirmation of details.
  7. Spinnaker

    Spinnaker Copper BB

    Thanks for your information. I am trying to get more details on this gun.

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