New Browning A5 Ejection Issue

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    Bought a new Browning A5 in October 2013. I removed all of the factory lube prior to shooting. Shot remaining 7 boxes of dove loads through it prior to hunting with it. Since then I have put two cases of shells through this gun. I have shot winchester xpert velocity, remington fast steel, spectra and blackcloud. ALL of them are 3" and ALL of them have been stove pipping on me. This is happening damn near every other time I shoot. My gun has become a single shot. I have shot this gun clean and dry, clean and wet, dirty and dry, dirty and wet.

    I have been searching hi and low on various shotgun forums but the majority of A5 references are for the older models with recoil barrel.

    Anyone here had any experience with this?
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    Welcome to the Browning Owners Forum !!

    Sorry I cannot help you with your problem...but some member here will know. Standby...
  3. Craig

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    I don’t want to confuse the issue but I also have an issue with a new A5. No problems yet with 2 3/4 shells but Kent Silver Steel in 3 inch won’t eject from chamber or hangs up on incoming shell. 3 inch Prarie Storms work fine. After measuring the expansion on each spent shell the Kent’s were 10 thousands wider than the lead Prarie Storms so are very tight in the chamber. The Storms practically fall out. So not sure if mine is a gun issue or an amo issue yet. With all the different amo you’re having the same problem with Browning May need to check it out, I hear they are pretty good about it. Good luck to both of us.

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