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    My Winchester lever action...

    WINCHESTER 1894....30WCF...TOP EJECT....CIRCA 1977


    The John Browning designed Winchester Model 1894 is perhaps the best known of the Winchester repeating rifles. The Model 94 was chambered for the newly introduced smokeless .30-30 Winchester cartridge, and later, a variety of calibers such as .25-35 WCF, .32-40 WCF, .32 Winchester Special, and the .38-55. Winchester was the first company to manufacture a civilian rifle chambered for the new smokeless propellants, and although delays prevented the .30-30 cartridge from appearing on the shelves until 1895, it remained the first commercially available smokeless powder round for the North American consumer market. Though initially it was too expensive for most shooters, the Model 1894 went on to become one of the best-selling hunting rifles of all timeā€”it has the distinction of being the first sporting/hunting rifle to sell over one million units, ultimately selling over seven million until US production was discontinued in 2006. A 2010 commemorative rifle has been produced to celebrate 200 years since Oliver F. Winchester's birth. The Winchester 94/.30-30 combination is practically synonymous with "deer rifle."


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    Here's one of my Pop's lever guns...

    Winchester 1894 in .30 WCF


    It was gifted to him by a ranch hand decades ago. There were several notches in the stock when it was given, but no questions were asked.

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    This special edition is an absolutely beautiful rifle...

    Winchester 1894 in .38-55 win
    "Chief Crazy Horse Commemorative"





  4. Box Car

    Box Car .22LR

    My Marlin 336 XLR .30-30 win.
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    Norske .410

    I have 2 Marlin lever rifles. The 1895 45-70 is set up as a black bear rifle with 1-4X heavy crosshair scope on a Weaver pivot mount, rear sight milled down to make it an express Vee, and a tritium front sight bead. The 1894 44Mag is more fun, and with a 250gr cast bullet and 7gr Unique powder, it kicks like most 22WRM rifles.

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