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Discussion in 'Browning Superposed Shotgun' started by reisman, Mar 27, 2023.

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    I have a Belgian Superimposed Shotgun friend asked me to value and research for him. I think he is interested in selling it. I have taken photos of the main unit and it also has two barrel assemblies. The serial number is
    50547 S6, and each barrel assembly has the same number, one with a 1 on it and the other with a 2 on it, so they were matched to it. I cannot find info about this serial number, but it may be that the gun was made in 1966, from the S6, but I don't know. One barrel unit has two single asterisk marks and the other has a single asterisk and a double asterisk. The engraver appears to be J Lodewyo as best I can tell. Can anyone tell me what model this is and anything about it as well as some idea of value? The condition is excellent, with a few small dings and nicks in the stock. Thanks, Mike Reisman

    I have photos but it is not letting me attach photos yet. I will see what I can do, or I can email them to anyone.
    Thanks, Mike
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    Check your PM, I sent you a message. Thanks, Ranger 6
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    Oh, maybe I put them in your email rather than to the thread. Goodness, I am a mess.
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    I did but they want my cell phone to text me stuff, and I get so much spam, I don't want to be bothered with solicitations and all that, so I refused to complete the sign up process. I did try it with google, but maybe it isn't allowing me to share it everywhere.
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    I just did some checking, and this is what I found and actually it protects you.

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  7. reisman

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  8. Ranger6

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    Those work. Fellow member Anatidae will be your best bet for superposed information. He knows a lot and he can give you the best advice for the information you are requesting. He checks in regularly so be patient.
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  9. reisman

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    This is the best customer service and responsiveness from any thread of any kind - most appreciated. You are very helpful. Mike
  10. Ranger6

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    Thank you, sir, for the kind words. I am pretty active here; hope you find this the best forum for anything Browning related. We are growing, so stick around. We have a good group of members that are always willing to help.
  11. reisman

    reisman Copper BB

    Here are two more photos showing the barrels. The serial number is 50547 S6, and each barrel assembly has the same number, one with a 1 on it that is 30ā€ in length and the other with a 2 on it is 26.5ā€ in length, so they were matched to it.
    The longer one has 2 single asterisk marks and the shorter barrel has a single asterisk and a double asterisk. It is my understanding that the single asterisk designates Full Choke and the double asterisk designates Modified Choke.

    Hope this helps identify and get opinions of value for this shotgun.

    Thanks, Mike
  12. Anatidae

    Anatidae .270 WIN

    The engraving pattern is that of a BrowninG Midas Grade - engraver's name is Jaques Lodewyc (although, there are other spellings, depending on language.....Lodeweyck, Lodewycz, etc.).

    It appears to be a 'composed' 2-bbl set (i.e., a 2nd barrel set added) yet there are inconsistencies even with the 26.5" barrel set (presumed, original - numbered #1 under the serial on the barrel block).

    These bbls sets have 2 distinctly different rib-post types. The 26.5" set has a rectangular rib-post design and they are closer than the 'factory' spacing. The 30" set appears to have the more 'correct' style of rib-post and spacing.

    26.5" set has the 'transverse screw' forearm attachment (consistent with this period).
    30" set has the 'tacquet' (concealed) forearm attachment (inconsistent with this period).

    Forearm profiles are 'field' style - (typical for 26.5", 28" barrel lengths, and 3" Magnum models).
    30" barrels were typically fitted with semi-beavertail 'trap' profile in this period (but could be fitted with 'field' forearm by special order).

    Checkering is not consistent on both forearms - I believe #2 was added - compare the engraving details and barrel finish on both sets. Which one matches the details on the receiver more closely? Any difference in blue 'finish' is easily noticed by comparing the bosses (or barrel lugs) with the surrounding details and finishes on the bottom of the receive with either barrel set attached.

    The Grade is consistent with other serial numbers from this same range. #50550 is a Midas by Bleus, and #50555 is a Midas by Vandermissen. There must have been an urgent order for Midas Grades at this time (Fall 1966) because Midas Grades were mostly engraved (under normal circumstances) by Watrin, Dierckx and Magis in this period.

    Conclusion: The original bbl set was likely 26.5 f/m with 'field' forearm with transverse screw attachment. The Bleus was 26.5" sk/sk and the VMissen was 28" f/m. It appears the rib has been replaced for some reason - if you were to mic the chokes, I would not be surprised if they are actually m/ic or sk/sk (and not re-marked). Reason: Why would someone order a 30"/26.5" set being choked f/f and f/m, respectively? The 30" set is likely not original to the gun even though someone went to the trouble and expense to make it appear that it did.

    The gun has no real 'collector value' based on the modifications (presumed in the photos), and with the reality that truly 'original' examples are more desirable and would command a much higher price. It has a functional value and a certain degree of artistic, aesthetic, and historical value - the degrees of which can only be determined by the buyer. They (Midas Grades) are not ALL alike, after all.

    Any useful 'market value' can be best assessed only via personal inspection by a qualified firearms historian/appraiser.

    If you want to know the original configuration for this gun, you can ask the Browning Historian in Ogden, UT for a letter of authenticity for this serial number. It'll cost around $45.

    Thanks for sharing the information - it is useful for my research purposes. Let us know what else you learn about this gun.
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  13. reisman

    reisman Copper BB

    Wow. Thanks for taking the time to really analyze the photos I had and give me all this information. Obviously there is a lot more to it than I observed. I believe everything you said seems correct, so I took some more photos which I am attaching. In my uneducated opinion, just putting the two barrels on the receiver, to me the long one seems like the truly paired one. It also fit together easily and quickly, where the short one certainly worked, but it was noticeably not the easy and quick perfect fit of the longer barrel. The photos seem to match the receiver to the longer barrel, but I yield to your assessment. I also had the box, and it obviously accommodates just one barrel, so I think you were right that this was not an original decision to have both barrels paired with this receiver. I am curious as you your own opinion of value - there is no subjective attachment to it on my part, so whatever you say is taken at its opinion, and no question it would be better than mine. Anything else that I can check out or photograph to help you better on this assessment?


    I also have a nearly perfect Belgian Browning superimposed with the walnut box and the red velvet lining. It is the 12 gauge gold-inlaid American Pintail Limited Edition, Serial number 8H4PZ00464, #464 of 500. I can post or send photos if you like, but if you have an idea of what I should pay to obtain that one, private party sale, I would appreciate your opinion on that too.

    It is my understanding that these were given to an avid hunter, the father in law of a close friend of mine at his retirement.

    Thanks so much for your time and expertise. I am massively impressed. Mike Reisman
  14. reisman

    reisman Copper BB

  15. Anatidae

    Anatidae .270 WIN

    I appreciate the acknowledgement of my time and your comments.

    The subject of value is very broad. Thanks for your confidence but Iā€™m not inclined to project any type of value, least of which, monetary or potential re-sale.

    With that, this is where the benefit of MY research ends.........and where Yours begins, or (by your current method) continues.

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