How do you shave?

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Rob poston, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Rob poston

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    Technically, this isn't a knife, rather a razor question... but I just thought I would ask if anybody else likes to shave the old fashioned way, with a straight razor? While I have worn a full beard for over a year now, when I do shave, I prefer my Dovo razor and strop, a shaving brush and cake/mug, hot towel, and a splash of after shave. Nothing like it to get you going in the AM. So, has anybody else ever given the old "throat cutter" a try?
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  2. Rudolph31

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    Whoa, Rob. I understand there's quite a learning curve to using a straight razor, with lots of blood and you go to work looking like you stuck your face in a Cuisinart. Did you go to barber school?
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  3. Rob poston

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    There is a little bit of a learning curve, but not really all that bad. The funny thing is that I have only cut myself three times in my life shaving, and all three have been with a modern disposable blade razor. The main keys are a sharp razor and a steady hand. Once you get into straight shaving, you will find out how much your initial fears are unfounded (trust me, I had them, too).
    No on the barber school, I just got a straight razor and strop years ago and gave it a whirl. This was before Youtube, too. ;-)
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Solingen Germany Steel is some of the best in the world for holding an edge.

    I've used a straight razor on occasion...even had the leather strop.

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  5. Rudolph31

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    I've always wanted to try a barber shave, but as for doing it myself, you can include me the $&@# out!
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  6. Rob poston

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    Totally agree... I love mine.
  7. Rob poston

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    Ha... I can totally understand, it can be intimidating at first.
    There is a barber shop here in the Knoxville area called Franks, that does the straight shave and hot towel facial. That is where I go to get my hair cut- pretty cool place. Very old school, they even give you a frosted mug of root beer while you wait.
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  8. Rudolph31

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    Sounds like a great barber shop, Rob. If I ever get to Knoxville, I'll look for Frank's.
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  9. Rob poston

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    Definitely... you will love it. I'll even buy you a shave.
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  10. Noturus

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    I've used the old Gillette safety razor since 1968. That's what my dad used and said it was the best shave so I never looked back.
    I have a couple straight razors but haven't built up the courage to give the a try. I think you need someone to do it for you rather than trying to do it yourself.

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  11. Coyote56

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    Been using a straight razor for many years. Like most things it takes practice but the pros far outweigh the cons. 87E7032C-4242-4ED1-95B9-CFA84D4B4C73.jpeg

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