Engraving differences on a 1974 Diana Grade Superposed

Discussion in 'Browning Superposed Shotgun' started by Chip Wright, Oct 28, 2023.

  1. Chip Wright

    Chip Wright .22LR

    I have found the choke markings. I just looked in the wrong spot. Top barrel is * full choke and the bottom barrel is ** modified if I have interpreted them correctly. If this is correct I am really pleased because those are my preferred chokes for a two shoots gun. Good for game shooting but also good for the sporting clays range as well in my opinion.
  2. b79holmes

    b79holmes .22LR

    I asked a question on a different forum about a Diana at a major auction house. I didn't really study the engraving but was quoting the description. Reamed by some on my mis-identification of the gun. If you can't trust a major auction house who can you trust?

    Anyway found out a year ago there is an auction house within driving distance where I can attend the preview days and examine many very nice firearms, Three (!!) Superposed Midas grades at one auction in 2023 if you can believe that. Worth the $200+ yearly catalog subscription.

    To your interest they had a 12ga Superlight signed with a swan neck stock B2G back in November. Auction #140, Lot #390 if your inclined to look it up.


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