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Discussion in 'Browning Hi Power Handgun' started by Senor Chisme, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Senor Chisme

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    I am relatively new to the Hi-Power scene. I am basically a .45 guy. Been shooting for over 50 years. Never shot a 9mm until about 4 years ago and obviously had never owned a 9mm firearm. Now I have acquired two T-series Hi-Powers. Both of which I have installed Cylinder & Slide hammers and sears, extended safeties, and new Wolff recoil springs. The first gun looked like it had been dragged behind a pickup on a gravel road at the end of a logging chain. I had that gun (frame and slide only) cerakoted to look like stainless and installed Novak lo-mount fixed sights. Looks amazing and shoots as good as it looks. The second gun wasn't as badly beat up and I'm going to leave the finish as-is. I also put a set of Heine fixed sights on it. I shoots just as well as the first gun.
    Now to my question. I was offered a box of +P+ ammo. I declined because I didn't know if these guns could handle it. Then I was offered a box of +P ammo which I also declined for the same reason. So how strong are these mid '50s guns? Can they handle a steady diet of hot ammo, an infrequent diet, or stay away altogether? Thanks for any comments or information.
  2. Rudolph31

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  3. Senor Chisme

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    Thanks. I had suspected that but it's nice to have confirmation.
  4. gnappi

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    I too don't load +p or hotter ammo in my 9's. If I wanted hot, I'd carry my 10mm with real 10mm ammo. Not necessary.
  5. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    I’ve got a few boxes of Wolf steel cased ammo. It feeds OK in my single stacks but I had to spray it with RemOil to make it feed in the Hi Power. Not a recommended procedure as oil destroys ammo.
  6. Soundguy

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    Based on something I read long ago about the ammo the P35 was designed for, I like standard pressure 124 grain rounds. The Lawman line fits my budget for range ammo. They also have self defense rounds with similar characteristics. It seems reasonable to practice with something similar to what I might carry. I also went through 1000 rounds of their 147 grain. I like the 147 better than the 124 (or 115) in the tiny Sig P-938, but felt little or no difference in between 147/124 in my High Powers... so I went with 124. It was a bit less snappy than 115. I may do a quick repeat test with the BHSS Buffered Recoil Spring Guide Rod.

    I see absolutely no reason to use higher than standard pressure ammo in any of my guns... it seems to be less pleasant to shoot and will likely wear things out quicker. I am no expert on things such as ballistics.
  7. Ibmikey

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    Agree with Soundguy, there is a lot of neat 9 mm ammo on the shelves that does not have +P or +P+ loading. If you stop and think about mag capacity you will realize the full potential of this magnificent pistol and it’s devastating firepower".
  8. ruhroh

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    I, too, own a '50s BHP. After reading everything I could get my hands on about hotter loads, including just about everything on Stephen A. Camp's site, I decided to try some Winchester 9mm NATO. The 9mm NATO is a tad warmer than normal 9mm... 9mm being 35,000 psi and 9mm NATO 36,500 psi.

    I switched the original recoil spring out for an 18.5 lb wolf spring. What a nice combo. Shoots very well. Very comfortable shooting. Also very accurate, flatter shooting.
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  9. MikeMarkCA

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    I don’t believe Federal HST 124gr carry’s a +p designation, but read an article once that listed the HST as a good +p load..are Fed HST’s and hydra shocks .+p?
  10. cxm

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    Not shooting +P ammo in a HP is just good judgement IMHO. It won't blow your gun up (at least I have never heard of that happening) but it will accelerate the wear on the gun.

    There is really no need for +P ammo with modern bullets in standard loads. I like Federal 9BP 115gr JHP for a carry 9mm. I also keep some Federal 9BPLE around for use in my SIGs and S&Ws. The 9BP has an excellent record in real world use and is not a +P load (the 9BPLE is +P.) There quite a few standard pressure 9x19mm loads that work well. But keep in mind shot placement is always critical for good results.



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