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    Hello all!

    My uncle bought this new in the 60s and has been in the family ever since. What's a fair market value for a beautiful, 12g, gun like this? See attached photos.

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  2. Anatidae

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    That gun was not manufactured until 1971.

    So, what's the 'real' story?

    On the left side - there is a signature near the bottom right receiver extension to the butt stock and may be one in the game scene under the trailing pheasant. Would you please confirm those names?
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  3. tabasco108

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    My uncle passed this year and left it to me. Besides some of the info I found by doing some internet searches, all I know is he said he purchased it in the 60s, but I'm sure you're right as he was very old when he passed. He also said it was a "Midas grade" and lived in Chicago but was in the military so I’m not exactly sure where it was purchased. The signature is master engraver Jean H Diet.
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    Thanks for providing the engraver's name.
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