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    Post all of the Browning Hi Power Handgun Accessories here...
  2. Where can I aquire some mouse trap 9mm 13rnd capacity magazines for High Powers? Are they still manufactured?
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    Stephen Bennett: 13 round "mouse trap" mags are still made and sold by Browning, from what I have seen online. Do a google search and you'll find them.
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    They are available on Amazon.
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    "We found 0 results for "browning high power mouse trap handgun magazines"
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  7. ITTRm, doesn't say what the capacity is in the Midwy ad, you would happen to know would you?
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    I just had a look and apparently you can select on the linked page between the options of 10 and 13 rounds. I'd call Midway, as in the past I have had trouble with their website.

    If you are using a smartphone to view the internet, you may not be able to see or select capacity.

    Is also a possible option.
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    The only thing I think is a must on every HP for me is the excellent ambi safety. Thankfully Midway just about always has them in stock.

    I'm left handed by birth, right handed by necessity (Father mandate) and shoot right handed most of the time, but in general I shoot lefty nearly as well as right handed. That's my reason for an ambi.

    A few times in my life I had issues with my right arm and I could NOT shoot with my right. No problem I carried lefty. No ambi safety and I'd have to carry my Beretta 92, S&W, or 1911 all of which have ambi safeties. Not a bad thing carrying the Beretta (or other), they're all righteous firearms for sure but having the freedom to carry anything in my safe is the flexibility I need.

    Oh, the issues I had that disabled my right hand? Tennis elbow... twice, sliced open trigger finger, and a serious bout with carpal tunnel that persisted for weeks and mysteriously went away.

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