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    Here is the place to talk about any and all Troubleshooting for your Browning Gold Shotgun.
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    Hi - I've got a Gold Hunter active valve cycling question. I picked up this used but excellent Gold Hunter with a 30" barrel and a 3.5" chamber (1998 Belgian vintage - a beautiful gun). I love the gun, and just had the gun professionally fitted for me with a Kick-Ease recoil pad and an adjustable plate system for sporting clays. I love the gun and the sport.

    My only minor issue is the magnum cycling reliability of 1 oz. target loads; 1 1/8 oz loads are "recommended" by Browning for this gun as the lower limit, and they work every time. I have found that if the dram equivalent is 3 and/or the FPS is 1200 or greater, it is 99% OK with 1 oz. loads, but if I ever get in a league or get good enough to participate in a tournament, I want the gun to be flawless and I don't know if 1 1/8 oz. loads are permitted.

    I researched the gas valve part number on Browning's site, and discovered there is a gas valve assembly for my 3.5" chambered gun (B1126242FN), and there are also two other gas valve part numbers for the Gold Sporting Clays models previously built. One is a "Heavy" designation (B111604813), and one is a "Light" designation (B111604913). I asked the Browning rep on the phone if the sporting clays valves might allow more bypass into the recoil system to aid in cycling light target loads, but he said it wouldn't help; the gun is what it is - a magnum.

    Can anyone out there verify this, or have contrary evidence of a way to get a 3.5" chambered gun to cycle lighter loads? Thanx.
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    I have a Browning Gold Clays that I have had for probably 20 years, Yes it has a different piston. Replacing the recoil spring with the Wullf XP spring and drilling the gas ports out 1 numbered drill bit size was the trick to making it super reliable with light target loads. I have found that every 20 ga Gold will cycle more reliably with the Wullf XP spring. I would not perform either of these modifications if you ever plan to shoot anything but target loads or if you ever plan to return it to Browning for service. The gun could be damaged shooting field loads after this modification..
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