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Discussion in 'Browning Hi Power Handgun' started by Seagravedriver, Jan 21, 2023.

  1. Seagravedriver

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    I have had a BHP since the early 90s that I purchased new. It is a "made in Belgium, assembled in Belgium" pistol, (it stood out a little at the shop where I bought it).

    While I like it for the classic reasons, it locked up on me a couple of times with several different brands factory ammo, the last time it had to go to a gunsmith in my area back then, (John Lawson). By locked up, I mean it went about 98 percent into battery but that was it, I was unable to get the slide to move forward or back. So I lost trust in it.

    I recently got a call from Cylinder and Slide that said I would be able to get my gun into them before they close, (I have been in "line" for over a year). I am asking if you folks would send a BHP to C&S as they are about to close, and what is mandatory to get done, (The feeding problem, or was it ammo?), or anything else that I should deal with. And what is nice to have done, but not necessary. I want to stay under 1,500.00, but will go to 2000.00 if it is well worth it.
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    What do you mean” about to close”? If you mean like close their doors for good, then no way would I send it. I’m not a pistol guy, but surely there is someone else that can work on this thing. I think some times problems are caused by the ammo and some not so much. Easy way to determine if it’s the ammo is just switch to several others to see if you have the same problem. I no it can get expensive buying different brands, but you may not have another choice.
  3. Ranger6

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    Personally I would have to be attached to spend 1500 dollars on something that has issues like that. I think from some of the post I’ve read there are better options out there, but again not a pistol guy.
  4. Seagravedriver

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    C&S announced that they will be closing about three weeks ago. Stuff is for sale. I was excited to send something their way, now I am very hesitant.

    I got a call from C&S that said I was in line long enough, and they will do what needs to be done.

    I am very much a pistol guy, and love the history of the BHP. It is a great canvas to work on for a good pistol smith. Could be bad luck with ammo, but I got it at the point in my life where there was a marriage, a career change, house, kids etc, so it was basically put in back of the safe and forgotten about. I will try different ammo, as I have a fair amount of various types that has been acquired through the years. Thank you for the input.
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  5. Ranger6

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    I read what was posted from them, seems like the guy is just retiring. While that fortune will never come my way, I understand people deserve it after working their entire life. I think I would call and talk to them and discuss your concerns. It is possible that with all that’s going on in the world, that it’s just not worth it anymore. Lots of good reviews, so must do good work. If they can fix and your willing to spend the money, then it may be your best approach to getting it fixed correctly.
  6. Seagravedriver

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    A good route to go Ranger6, I will give them a call Monday. My plate is full, but the clock is ticking.
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  7. Soundguy

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    I have never done business with C&S.
    I would jump at the chance to have them work on one of mine!
    You should let them do whatever they want, within your budget.

    ... and one of their last pistols!


  8. JimCunn

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    It's C&S. I would trust them.
  9. JimCunn

    JimCunn .270 WIN

    Just heard C&S is going to stay open under the new ownership.

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