BAR with BOSS System- Unsure about which model it is...

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    Hello! This is my first post after introducing myself in the New Member section. If I don't explain this right please feel free to ask questions or correct me!!
    Here's my situation-
    I'm in the process of buying a BAR in .300 Win. Mag.
    According to the Browning website it was manufactured in 2001
    It is a Mk II
    It has a black synthetic stock which is different from the Long-Trac stock.
    It has no iron sights like it would have if it were a Lightweight Stalker
    It has the BOSS system installed .
    Every place I've been to on the web says that the only MkII that had the BOSS system was the Safari model with the wood stock.
    The Safari model also had engraving on the receiver- this one doesn't.
    What model is this?
    I will upload a couple of pics

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    After I started this thread I also sent an e-mail to Browning explaining my confusion and asking for info. This afternoon they replied. Their e-mail said--

    Thank you for the email. This was a tricky one we almost couldn't find. We did offer that rifle, we are attaching a PDF of the page in our 2003 Catalog.
    Browning Customer Service

    I thought it might be a good idea to pass this info along and attach the PDF from their e-mail in the unlikely event that someone else encountered the same problem.!!!

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