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  1. Looking for a rear site to put on my vent rib Auto-5 for turkey hunting. Likely need a turkey choke, too. Pic below on the right is the Auto-5 with a full choke. Left target is a 1948 Sears & Roebuck JC Higgins with the poly choke at full.

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    Little confused at your pattern comparison, but if it were me, I would get the turkey choke and shoot it again.
  3. Ranger 6, I shot two 12 gauges with the same load. On another site, I was told that the older gun (on the left) with the poly choke set to full may be blowing out the pattern and it was suggested to open the choke up. The right target is my Auto-5 with a full choke.
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    Ok totally amazed at what people say on the internet. Shooting the same load means nothing. You have two different guns, two different choke systems. This person that gave you advise must be really smart if they can tell that with 1 pattern paper. If I counted correctly, you have 15 holes in both targets in what I would consider a kill area. If you want a better pattern then try a different choke, try a different load. Shoot and shoot that load, and that gun until you're sure that you have exhausted it all. Thats a lot of shooting for one day. What I am trying to say is that you won't be able to do it all in one day. If I was going down this road, I would park the 12 and get a 410 and shoot 1/2oz tss and never look back and know I could kill a turkey out to 50 yards plus.
    I have a Carlson turkey choke for 410 and tss, but have yet to run it through all my test, but if I had to make a decision today, right now I would go with it.
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    It doesn’t look to me like you need a rear sight.
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    Spend the money on a nice Jake and hen decoy place them 25 yds from your blind where you have seen a bird or two and kill the gobblers that shows. Hate to sound short but it works for me 50% of the time, in other words 2 trips in the woods and you will most likely be eating one of the best meats in the wild. I never worried much about patterns a nice buffered load of lead or some tungsten worked well. If those patterns were 40 yds you don’t need to worry.
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    The last 3 years I have been using a Burris Fastfire 3 Red Dot on my shotgun with an turkey choke. It works great. I use to have it on a Remington 870 Riot Gun that I used before I retired as an LEO. As you get older, you eyes need a little more help. Great in the early morning at 1st shooting light. Big Max
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