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  1. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    $3 a target? I think I’ll pass.
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  2. Anatidae

    Anatidae .270 WIN

    The checkered butt on this gun is not my idea of how to enjoy helice.
    But it is a very unique detail. It is 32-LPI. That's about as tight as you can cram into such a small area without flaws.

    I have a few other suitable guns for that game - most with recoil pads.

    I'll need to make sure I remove these from the muzzle when I take this gun out of the rack.

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  3. Auzzie

    Auzzie 20g

    No Helice here but on my bucket list of things to try when I get back to the States one day. The exchange rate been killing that idea for a while though. That $3 be $ 5.oo a ZZ Bird my coin at present. Pass for a while.
  4. Biz

    Biz 20g

    Congratulations, I especially like the fine checkering and the detailed engraving, it is superb. There must be hundreds of hours in the engraving
    I wonder if the engraver works with a dissecting microscope when doing such fine art. Is the wood oiled or varnished?
  5. Anatidae

    Anatidae .270 WIN

    Biz, as far as I know, it is varnished using a recipe that is similar to Winchester and Browning finishes from the '50's and '60's. It is neither Texacryl, Sherwin-Williams non-yellowing shellac, and is not the early 50's French polish (shellac, alcohol, and linseed oil), but has properties of the latter. I chose the somewhat 'softer' appearance on the D5 rather than glossy on 'lièvres de boxe et Coqs de combat' (boxing hares and fighting cocks).
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  6. Auzzie

    Auzzie 20g

    There is some serious fine work and detail in that recoil plate when you zoom in close including the brass countersunk screws. Amazing they can keep the line work so true and precise in relation to the border.
    Amazing skills on display there.
  7. Auzzie

    Auzzie 20g

    That muzzle plug is interesting. What's the story behind that?
    Looks like some device from a seedy catalogue!
  8. Anatidae

    Anatidae .270 WIN

    Thanks for your comments. The screws are the original screws and have not been touched-up. Pity but It's a wonder they are not in worse condition considering what the butt looked like before.

    Yes, good craftsmanship is hard to find - and the work IS amazing on this one.

    When the woodworker was shaping the heads of the side panels I told him I'm more anxious to see what he does with the butt - that it looked as if the gun rack at the original or previous owner's gun club had a gravel based. It was a complete disaster.



    He called the next day and said his checkering cutter rolled-out several small stones (white specks in the photos) from the butt. I told him it must have been the original owner's 'camel gun' (instead of 'truck gun').


    There was a large divot in the upper left portion of the heel - the camel may have become defiant one day and needed a sharp correction to the head area.

    The checkered butt looks much better, now. Worth every penny.

    The 'tampions' are to insert in the muzzle when your put the gun in the rack muzzle down, to protect a checkered butt. Of course, depending on the gun rack construction at each shooting venue, the stock could be marked where it rests against the slot, normally shaped to receive the barrels, or not be very secure, otherwise.

    A friend in Germany has a nice 4"-tall trophy on black marble base on his mantle as a reminder to remove his tampions, hereafter. It's the last 4" of a set of Superposed barrels that were cut-off just below the 'banana peeled' section of the bottom tube after the gun was relegated to skeet-shooting, only.
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  9. Auzzie

    Auzzie 20g

    Ok got it now. Never thought of the butt marring in rack but makes obvious sense now.
    Was just speaking to friend about his D5 and asking. it came new from FN in the day with the red rubber pad.
    Makes sense having what yours is for field shooting so not to get caught in vest or jacket.
    Apart from adjusting the Camels steering gyro
    Memory serves it got no hinge pin lube or mono block love either.
    Regardless it's in appreciative hands now.
    Hope it shoots well for you as it certainly looks the part.
  10. Anatidae

    Anatidae .270 WIN

    No work needed on the hinge or mating lug. There was no side 'waggle'. That’s just to hang the barrels on when open, anyway. The proper lock-up and timing is accomplished with the forearm knuckle, forearm lug on the barrel and it’s mating surfaces (cam) on the round-end of the forearm lever. The ejector cam radii on the inside front of the receiver walls were worn and a few grains of sand or part of a primer anvil got rolled-in between the receiver walls and the flat where the choke markings are (normally) and galled both surfaces. It took some strategically placed micro welding and some filing and stoning to clear all that up.

    The worst part about the lock-up was, first gunsmith ‘tightened the action’ by filing the notches on both sets of instead of filing the locking bolt (which they had filed to a point instead of its normal wedge shape). They never addressed ‘lock-up’ - they just manipulated everything else so the lever would be farther to right-of-center. All that had to be built-up by micro/welding and re-fit to time and lock-up in the same position on both barrels sets. Re-build the action, my a$$!! It took $1400 to correct $375 worth of bull$#!+. Then, another 2 grand to correctly re-lay all ribs and ‘slow’ rust blue what the ‘restoration specialist’ charged for but did a marvelous short-cut hack of.

    Live and learn.

    Tell me more about your friend’s D5. Do I already know about it? What vintage is it? Engraver, etc.
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  11. Auzzie

    Auzzie 20g

    My miss quote it's a D4 not a 5. Be K grade here.
    Can't say ever seen a 5 here with Louis scroll like yours and probably not likely too ,but never know what's out there.
    Think I have sent you images and a serial before
    2 hounds and pheasant LHS
    2 hounds on point and duck RHS
    Signed Vanracken (guessing spelling at work) bottom RHS under grass tuft i
    Yes was his Father's from new and and in family still , bought early 70"s the darker walnut finish.
    His Dad shot regular trap and religiously looked after it properly for 42 yrs I know of so be 120 000 plus through it before it got to the straight lever. Got rebuild and restore treatment with wood and re checkering as best available here. Things like new again doing the rounds with Son and Grandson using it regular shooter. I tell them Dad's ghost is on the tracks hovering behind them.
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