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Discussion in 'Browning Auto A-5' started by Auzzie, Apr 24, 2022.

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    Once again, I am truly impressed with your work, those look awesome. Nothing like when you can do it yourself. Do it right, and better than paying to have it done.
  2. Anatidae

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    Thanks. It’s frustrating enough for me to have to wait on a supplier or outsourcing. The hardest part for an owner (whether with gun work or a case re-build) is the waiting. This breakthrough in the plating is just another step closer to eliminating delays and to have more control over production.

    I have 4 sets of locks and hasps that are the same style as the original locks on these cases but they are all brass plated and in varied finish condition. So, when I finish the current build, I’m now able to plate these components, critically needed for other cases.
  3. Auzzie

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    Your plating work has come up excellent. It’s all about the preparation and attention to process.
  4. Fowlgunner

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    Not to de-rail your thread Adae, but saw this 11-F and liked the case layout, could have slightly better fitting outline at reciever, but all in all a pretty clean and concise 1-barrel case, IMO.

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    Damn Will!! Let’s see some pics of that gun
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    Someone read my mind. Sorry guys I didn't even notice the case at first. We auto 5 guys are lost causes.
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    What's the little bottle for? 30 weight oil maybe?
  8. Rudolph31

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    It’s a Remington!
  9. Anatidae

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    You can de-rail the thread any time you wish - if you're going to show us a nice Auto-V / Remington. I like the case, too.

    I've seen a couple F Grades up close - they both tempted me to branch-out into another arena.

    I look forward to more photos and information about both.
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    I'm ok with Remington. I see it has a mid-bead, sure would like to see those up close.
  11. Jta5er

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  12. Jta5er

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    If that Remington is like the one I had (not a F) the rib is part of the barrel not soldered on, but machined! Crazy but that’s how they did the early ones. Remington Ordnance Steel is no joke either.
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  13. Fowlgunner

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    Sorry guys didn't mean to leave ya hangin!

    First time logging in since then.


    I have only documented one RAS/Model 11 that is marked "Ordnance" steel.

    Since it was a complete restoration no real way to verify it actually is.

    It is most common in the Model 1894 Doubles and I have seen it on a handful of RRS/Model 10 pumps where it was offered as an "extra" in the catalogues of the era from it's earliest appearance.

    11's on the other hand did not show the available upgrade, except in a select couple of references.

    Hope this helps the larger group.

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    "ORDNANCE", thank you Rudolph31, I have corrected the post. Let's keep it friendly please.
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  15. Fowlgunner

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    I missed something?

    And I hope I didn't start anything?


    Like Rudolph31 says!

  16. Rudolph31

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    The moderator didn’t like my snarky remark about your spelling, changing my post and adding the missing “n” to yours.
  17. Fowlgunner

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    Thanks for clarification!

    I've never been able to "Spell my way out of a paper bag"! I can't even get close enough for auto-correct or fill either one to work. Lol

    Not enough math in it for an engineer to figure out I guess.

    I'm normally careful with that one since it is indeed mis-spelled often.

    Just making sure I somehow didn't come across as an un-inteded SA, which I am quite capable of intentionally!!

    All's good here.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Father's Day!

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    In your case, Will, it was just a simple typo. And it was funny, because you were correcting the improper use of the word Ordinance for Ordnance, even putting it in quotations, then omitted a letter.

    Typos are fine. When I see posts with 3rd grade mistakes like not differentiating between your and you’re or loose and lose, I just stop reading.
  19. Biz

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    I Hope you won’t be to hard on my Rudolph.
  20. Rudolph31

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    Your English is better than my French, Biz. I answered every question in French class “Je ne sais pas.” The only phrase I could pronounce.

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