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  1. Any LEO's on here?
  2. B0308

    B0308 .22LR

    Recently joined, retired mil LEO.

    Oddly enough your post was on the day of my birth, no fool'n.
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  3. SHOOTER13

    SHOOTER13 Guest

    Welcome to you both...

    We here on the Browning Owners Forum Thank You for standing on that Thin Blue Line and protecting our society from those that wish us harm.
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  4. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    Not law enforcement, no. But I have thought about becoming a police officer on several occasions. I have a tremendous respect for our police officers. God Bless them all!
    My appreciation and respect for you both.
  5. Thank you for the kind words.
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  6. Browningfan369

    Browningfan369 Copper BB

    In my 29th year with Philly P.D., glad to meet you
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  7. B0308

    B0308 .22LR


    Wow, 29 years in Philly, stay safe!
  8. Browningfan369

    Browningfan369 Copper BB

    Thank You, I try
  9. I retired 4 years ago, medically, not by choice, with 25 years service. I miss it bad. Still keep up with some of my friends there. Finally got the swipe card to use the gym. Thank you Browningfan369 for your service.
  10. Browningfan369

    Browningfan369 Copper BB

    Thank you Sir. Stay well. As much as you miss it, you paid your dues and played the game now enjoy your retirement. Time doesn't slow down for any of us. God Bless
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  11. rusty old colt

    rusty old colt Copper BB

    In my 15th year on the job with the Sheriff Dept
  12. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    New member here, retired 3 years ago after spending 24 years of bliss with the local Sheriff's Office as a deputy/SWAT sniper. Had both shoulders replaced right before I retired, rode out my sick time until my retirement. Not a medical, I had my points in anyway.
  13. Mley1

    Mley1 Copper BB

    Not law enforcement per se. I'm a corrections officer for The Texas Department of Criminal Justice. I began my career in 1982, fresh out of high school. Retired in 2013, and returned to double dip in 2014. I was also a reserve deputy for the Galveston county Sheriffs department from 1991-2000. October 13, 2022 made 40 years in corrections for me.
  14. WickedJoe

    WickedJoe Copper BB

    New member. 6 years US Customs Service (before CBP), 25 years DEA, now Nevada Attorney General’s Office.
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  15. Big Max

    Big Max .22LR

    I joined the forum back in Feb. I've been retired for 5 years now. There is life after. I did 26 years with the Md. State Police and got tired of dealing with drunks and nuckleheads. Fell in with bad company and joined the Md. Natural Resources Police and did a second 20 years. Absolutely loved every minute. You deal with a much better group of people as a game warden. With hunting, fishing and my family always having a boat as I grew up, it was a natural fit. I do miss it. Just had to requalify under LEOSA this past week and got to visit with a lot of old friends. Big Max
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