Has anybody tried the new Timney Trigger for the X-Bolt

Discussion in 'Browning X-Bolt Rifle' started by Wazizit, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Wazizit

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    I was checking on another site and found one guy that has tried it with limited success. I have my Browning X Bolt Long Range 65 CM in a Boyd's At One stock I installed last week. I got the stock trigger down to 2lb's 14oz with a little work. This morning I'm going to install the M Carbo spring kit to see if I can get it down to 2lb's or less. I would really like 1.5lb's. If it won't I guess I'll try that trigger. I'm well over $2500 in this rifle with the Nightforce 12X42 scope. It's a tack driver just unhappy with the trigger. I haven't seen a single review on the trigger yet. Does anybody else make one yet?

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  2. Hello. Sorry I can't answer your question about the trigger. I would love to hear more about how you fitted or bedded your action to the Boyd's stock. I have a thread already started on the topic in the X-bolt section. Good luck with the trigger.

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  3. Wazizit

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    When I say limited success I mean he never got the safety working without lots of mods to his stock.
  4. Wazizit

    Wazizit .22LR

    I installed the M Carbo kit today and got the trigger down to 1lb 14oz. Not as low as I would like but as a bonus there is no creep.
  5. Wazizit

    Wazizit .22LR

    I have 400 shots now on the new M Carbo spring kit. The first 25 shots the trigger was a little inconsistent or just me getting used to it. Now it's real consistent and I'm more accurate.
  6. I know shooters using the Timney Trigger on the X Bolt Eclipse target Rifle. They have their pull required down to about 1.5 pounds and say it is better than the stock trigger which was not satisfactory for competition shooting. For a production rifle with just that mod....seems quite OK to me. And to these owners.
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  7. sschefer

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    I normally use Elfman or Geisele triggers so I know what a true comp trigger feels like. As a hunter, my X Bolt HC speed is perfect out of the box. I won't be changing mine. If JP rifles made an Armagedon trigger for the X bolt I might think about it. I don't see that happening.
  8. I totally agree that the X Bolt trigger for a Hunting Rifle is perfect the way it comes Stock! I have yet to change one. My remark is strictly if ?I were target shooting a lot I would start with Timney as that is what I know. The ones sschefer mentions I have have rarely seen. Which means I do not follow big league bench rest shooting!
  9. sschefer

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    Timney might just be the only current option. I have a feeling that they either make or had a hand in the making of the factory x bolt trigger. I have no facts to support that.
  10. I do know this, the Timny Trigger looks nearly identical to the X Bolt trigger. Never saw a closer look alike fir triggers anywhere. So maybe you are right! They do have a lighter pull for certain. I do believe it is very light for a hunting rifle. We bought a Model 70 that had been reset by a good gunsmith to less than two pounds. We reset it as it seemed too light for hunting safety. I have a Black Laminate Boyd Stock for it, but it is my son’s rifke with a Sporter 24 inch barrel on a .243. It was really used as a target and woodchuck hunting rifle by a rifleman!
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    With the M Carbo spring kit if you want an even lighter trigger. Simply take off some metal on the end of the Allen screw. It isn’t threaded all the way down. So you’re not losing any threads. But what I like is you’re able to have a few more threads into the body. I also use vibratite on set screw. Same strength as blue loctite. But you don’t have to reapply every time you adjust it. Good up to five times. Put a little on. Wait ten minutes. Then install.

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