Cleaning the new X-Bolt

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    Hi any suggestions on equip to clean the 28 in barrel on my X-bolt target in 6.5CM? Specifically what length rod? 40? 44? What brand? Dewey? Nylon coated? Bore guide - Lucas? I saw Dewey had a complete 6.5 kit with their own bore guide - any thoughts on that? I am new at this and don't want to screw up the barrel right from the start so any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks...
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    For a quick clean ( field expedient ) I use a boresnake...pulling it from the breach to the crown after putting your favorite cleaning agent on the self contained bore bristle area.

    If and when I need to break out the rods...a bore guide is used to help the nylon rod and patch soaked with cleaning fluid down once then out to replace the dirty patch...repeated until clean patches emerge.

    What brand !?...the ones you cite above will work as good as any.
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    Welcome back...!!

    XDMBOB .270 WIN

    X2.......I have the Dewey and I like it!
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    I'll do a snake, too, when I'm at the range or in the field. Putting some solvent/cleaner down a nice warm bore really helps get the carbon out, I find.

    At home or at the bench I have used carbon fiber rods for a few years now and I quite like them. I generally get the white plastic bore guides from Brownells. My current match gun, a short action, has a 28" barrel and a brake on the end. A 40" cleaning rod won't push a patch through the bore guide + barrel + brake, if that helps you. It's not a Browning, though, so I can't say whether a 40" would _just_ get it for you or not.
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    I just bought a 44 inch Tipton cleaning rod from Midway USA and it is the perfect length.
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