Browning Gold 20 [Win SX3] Cartridge Stop

Discussion in 'Browning Gold Shotgun' started by Larry Bayer, Jan 9, 2024.

  1. Larry Bayer

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    I actually have a Winchester SX3 20 gauge that apparently is identical in parts etc to the Browning Gold. I had a piece of my cartridge stop break off so took it apart and ordered a new one along with a new charging handle [mine seemed a little worn where it's slotted] and a new Cartridge Stop spring and pin.
    I've tried to reinstall these and am having reals problems. There is now no spring pressure on the Cartridge Stop and the Pin slides out very easily. There's now pressure to hold the Charging Handle in place as the Cartridge Stop has no pressure on it to push up? What am I missing or have done wrong? The end of the Cartridge Stop that barely touches the Spring seems to be the issue but both new parts are identical to the old ones? Anyone had this apart and experience with it?
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    Is the plunger in the spring? They are a pita to get in there correctly.
  3. Larry Bayer

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    Oh man, I missed that completely!?!?!? Don't know where my old one went and missed it on the parts diagram when I ordered parts from Numrich??? I actually looked at it, but thought that was for the 12 ga only??? Makes total sense now-dahhhh-another senior moment! Thanks a lot, much appreciated!!!!! Keepshooting!!!
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