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Discussion in 'Browning Citori Shotgun' started by rcatastrophe, Aug 22, 2023.

  1. rcatastrophe

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    Been asked by an elderly neighbor to sell his Citori and Browning makes so many different models I can’t find anything comparable to judge what it’s worth. It’s coded NM making it a 1990 model. 12g 3”. Has Invector chokes in F, M, and IC. Also included is the brown hard case. Barrel is 26”. What should I expect to get for this gun? No dents or gouges in the wood, zero rust, and overall in remarkably great shape to be so old.


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  2. Ranger6

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    That’s a really nice older model. Will last another life time. The 26” barrel was the real deal back in the day. I would guess 1500-1800. The 26” barrel is not real desirable anymore by most people. I didn’t do any searching, looks like maybe a 325/425 ?
  3. Rudolph31

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    The serial number should contain the model code.
  4. Auzzie

    Auzzie 20g

    Nice example that's certainly been well looked after.
    26" certainly ruled the skeet fields of the world back in 1990.
    I shot a B 2000 then for skeet with 30" 1/4 instead of cyl and people said I was a complete nut bag and totally handicapping myself out of ever hitting anything anything
    Would have been the infancy days of screw in chokes too.
    Hope it finds a good owner that appreciates it
  5. Big Max

    Big Max .22LR

    I see that this post has been up for awhile but if it is still for sale, I would buy it and not let it get away if I were you. Beautiful gun. Merry Christmas to all.
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