2012 first mule deer

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  1. With my oldest (11) at the time and he saw the group come down off the hill front of us. Taken with my X-Bolt .30-06 at 80 yards and Federal blue box soft point 150 gr. Took two steps and then was down. He has taken two mulies from the same spot since then. Should have turned him sideways to see the 2x3 antlers. My first deer. Wearing my brother's outdated USMC utilities he gave me after the change.
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    You never forget your first deer. I'm sure that you can still recall every detail. I was lucky enough to go out to Wyoming in 1976 on a mule deer and antelope hunt. Three of us went on a do it your self hunt. Had a great time. We shot 2 mule deer and we each got antelope. We hunted antelope outside Gillette, Wyo. and mule deer about 50 miles west of Sheridan in the Big Horns. You really do have beautiful country out there.
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