“Wing And Trap Shooting” by Major Charles Askins

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    This book is certainly history and gives the first insights into shotgunning and technological advancements made in early post WW2. Published in 1948 through The Macmillan Company this little hardcover of 203 pages delves into pattern performance and choke constriction theory recommendations of the era.
    It covers off on firearms which were the latest and greatest of the time and newer technically. References in chapters to pitfalls in using prize GI war trophy guns bought home from Europe couple of year earlier.
    It’s curious to compare the beliefs and science of the era compared to what we now know and expect as normal and how easy it’s become in the last 76 years since this was put out there.
    There is some interesting coverage on sportsmanship and etiquette in the field which include the dress code which obviously was an overhang of the “Majors” day
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    Been in the family library long time now and onto its third generation of owner to reference. Pretty dated now but still some good stuff in there.
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