Who reloads their own ammo?

Discussion in 'Ammunition' started by Billythekid, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Dallas_CMT

    Dallas_CMT .270 WIN

    No, I don't do any reloading at all. I happen to have a Gamemaster 141 in .35 Rem, and it seems like the ammo costs keep going up.

    I don't shoot it enough to justify reloading, but your list did catch my eye. I have a box of shells here marked 1996, and it was $10.72 back then - now the same box is over $30!
  2. Disbo2112

    Disbo2112 .22LR

    Hey folks,

    Looking at reloading for my Sweet 16.. since they seem to be twice the price of 12g.

    For those of you that reload shotgun where is a one stop shop for powder, shot, primers and wads?

    Ive seen some of the big stores but I figured some smart folks here have already figured it out.

    thanks your consideration. Pls shoot a note here or PM me.

    thanks D
  3. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    I reload Remington and Cheddite hulls. I bought quite a few cases of RGL’s and Herter’s a few years ago on sale. Powder, shot, primers, and Rem wads I got from Graf’s. SG16 wads came from Ballistic Products. And the recipes came from Lyman’s 5th.
  4. Dux-R-Us

    Dux-R-Us .22LR

    I hand load everything I use, except for steel shot shells.
    I couldn't afford to shoot competitively without hand loading.
    12 and 20 ga, .45 ACP, 9mm, 30-06, .303 Brit, .270 win., 375 H&H. I have dies for 300 win mag, 243 win, .308, and .35 Rem.
    I have 2 Mec 700's, a Dillon 550, and an ancient Herter's press.

  5. frogbert

    frogbert Copper BB

    I started reloading in the late 80s by bolting a Lee Loader in .44 mag. to a board and then clamping it to the kitchen table when I lived in an apartment. Now I live in a house and load for the;
    .44 mag
    .220 Swift
    .38-55 black and smokeless powder
    .32 S&W
    .40 S&W
    .303 Brit.
    I have a hand reloader for the .22 rim fire but haven't used it yet.
    Pic of the loading bench I made.
    loading bench.JPG
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  6. trapshoooter43

    trapshoooter43 Copper BB

    Started reloading in the late 80s, everything from .223 to 375 H&H magnun,as well as shotgun. Rifle loading saves alot on price, where loading 12ga target loads is pretty much for the enjoyment. Loading 16ga. 28ga and 410 is well worth it. I really enjoy experimenting and developing loads tailored to a particular rifle. Very satisfying when you start to see all the bullet holes start touching on the target, when you started out with 2" groups
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