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Discussion in 'Browning BAR Rifle' started by kris3006a, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. kris3006a

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    I have a Bar II caliber 338 Win.Mag .
    I have a problem with overloading after a shot . the next round is blocked before entering into the chamber . The characteristic is that it blocks only those cartridges , which are taken from the left side of the magazine.
    Please help , I tried various ammunition and still is the same .
    Photo attached .

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  2. MZ5

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    Magazine problem. Probably left-side feed lip is not quite angled/shaped right. Do you have another magazine you can try? Can you see any visual differences between the feed lip on the left vs. the one on the right? Sight down them from the front and back of the magazine, look at them from the top; wherever you can. You can very slightly bend the feed lips if you see a difference between each side, but be careful you don't over-d0 it.

    If not the magazine itself, it could be how/where it attaches to the floorplate, or the floorplate itself.

    My suspicion (only a suspicion until you are able to try some things to test) is that it's the magazine.
  3. kris3006a

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    I bought a new magazine , nothing helped . All the same . I tried to deflect feed lip- the same. Maybe the missiles are mounted too long ? If the cartridges are too long so it happens maybe .......
  4. MZ5

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    Maybe a COAL issue, but it's interesting/odd that it always and only happens when feeding from one side of the magazine.

    I had an A-bolt once that would jam just like your picture when I had loaded rounds that were too _short_. That was a 25 WSSM, which is a super-short, super-fat cartridge. Not sure whether the same things would be happening with your 338 WM.
  5. kris3006a

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    I loaded 225 gr Hornady SST - OAL- 84 mm is bad , Hornady 225 gr . BTHP 82mm - OAL is wrong. I do not know whether the OAL should be long or short.
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  6. kris3006a

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    All is OK. The magazine spring was bad :)
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    Wow...that's all ?!

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  8. MZ5

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    Glad you got it fixed!

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