Safariland once again makes ALS holster for Hi Power!

Discussion in 'Browning Hi Power Handgun' started by In The Ten Ring, Oct 6, 2018.

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    Safariland is again making an Automatic Locking System holster for the Hi power....OR....I got very lucky!

    Here is a link to the company I got mine from.

    I ordered just a couple days ago and received it today. It's not as nicely refined a holster as their 6378, it has no suede lining like the other, but it is an ALS and fits my HP's just fine, although the .40 caliber is a bit tight.

    It does not fit my sport model with the tall front sight.

    This is great news as I was having trouble finding a thumb break maker for the HP and I like retention when I open carry.
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