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Discussion in 'Browning BAR Rifle' started by psient, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. psient

    psient .22LR

    :?: Hi:

    I've been trying to find out why every retailer is sold out; that is nobody seems to have any stock. Has Browning stopped delivery of the Mark II safari?

    Does anyone have any idea why no one has this rifle available anymore? It doesn't seem to be an issue of caliber. I am interested in 30-06 or 300 WSM.

    Thanks if anyone responds.

  2. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    From my understanding pretty much any rifle in the common rounds (223,30-06,300,30-08) is hard to come by with all of the potential laws that could take place. It has created a buying frenzy out there.
  3. psient

    psient .22LR

    Thanks Billy

    So the retailers are simply ordering more and they haven't come in yet right? I've anticipated that the rifle will still be shipped by Browning, and so orders will still be filled. Is that your understanding too?


  4. Billythekid

    Billythekid Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    yea, talking to some of the manufacturers out at the shot show, some say they are 60-90 days behind in orders on some models because of the demand. So if you ordered one im sure you'll get it but it might take a little while.
  5. psient

    psient .22LR

    OK thanks. I don't think the hunting version of the BAR will be prohibited due to it's non-assault appearance.

  6. gator9999

    gator9999 Copper BB

    I suppose where you are in the US may impact availability. I just walked into a Browning authorized dealer about 2hrs ago. I asked for the Browning Safari in 30-06 and he went to the wall and handed it to me. I pick it up Friday. He had the .308 as well, but I thought the 30-06 was right for me.

    My first Browning, actually. Looking forward to putting a scope on it.
  7. psient

    psient .22LR


    The dealers around me have zero stock. I was figuring on getting mine via the internet. However, in view of the fact that I am having no luck finding a dealer with the one I prefer I might have to go through a store. AS Billy indicates there is no indication of a problem with Browning continuing production, I was anticipating ordering from a dealer outside CA. One other reason is I have yet to settle on the chambering. There's the 30-06 and it's benefits of all-aroundness and ammo accessibility no matter where you hunt, but the 300 WSM is also an option with its utility for larger beasts.

    I am pleased to hear from another person who took up with this rifle. My wife and I think the only way to maintain the sport is to be active in it and hope to get a chance at big game as well as the hunting of feral hog, deer, and elk. Unfortunately where I live hunting is really impacted by the sprawl of suburban area. I have to travel for the opportunity to really get-away.

    Thanks for your comment and good luck,
  8. psient

    psient .22LR

    Hi All:

    I'm still prowling the internet looking for the Safari Mk II. There is no sign of them being in stock any time soon. I contacted BASS PRO and they don't even have them in the computer. I have requested notification from a dozen or so sites and have not received any activity.

    Anyone have one for sale? :)


  9. Ontarget

    Ontarget Copper BB

    Gander mountain, Dayton ohio. They have several on rack wall. Do not know the calipers they are.
  10. psient

    psient .22LR

    Thanks Ontarget.

    I'll check out GM's website.
  11. psient

    psient .22LR

    They have the 30-06 which is what I'm interested in . I'll have to call them as there is a 'low stock' notification. They probably have just 1. It's $1099 U.S.

    BTW. It appears Browning is running a promotion until the end of this month where they pay the sale's tax for you (up to 8%).
  12. Ontarget

    Ontarget Copper BB

    Taxes paid that would have saved me 80.00 . Such is my luck. Hehe
    That price you mentioned sounds like the synthetic wood stock version. I had no idea browning has so many versions of the safari. The wood and add the boss they get up around 1300. I got mine in Feb and they were the only ones in the area that had any in stock.
  13. psient

    psient .22LR

    I didn't know that there was a synthetic! Is it plastic? How can you tell? Is there a number or letter?

    Buds notified me that they have the Safari in 300 WSM with the boss. They get $1399 US.

    I think that the new BARs are made in Japan. Frankly that doesn't bother me. I know a lot of machinists who recognize that Japan makes the finest CNC machines on the market (e.g., Kitamura).
  14. Ontarget

    Ontarget Copper BB

    I do not think it is plastic but it is a very fine resemblance to appear as wood. It is some king of polymer.
    To just look at it you can't tell. Once you feel it you can feel it is not wood. It is much lighter weight. The real wood is a 100. more. Another surprise is they have no sights mounted, only tapped for scope mounts.
    I am still thrilled with my new tool. After getting slapped around and a black eye with a 30.06 when I was a teen I have been abit recoil shy. The bar has nearly cured that. It does hit hard but does not slam ya like some guns do. My son inlaw has a savage 270 and it try's to dislocate the shoulder. After having it awhile I see more benefits from the synthetic as it holds no moisture and seems to be more user friendly to nicks and bumps that happen in the field or just handling in general. I bought the gun to use it not admire it in a case. So wear and tear is not as much of a issue with me.
  15. psient

    psient .22LR

    Yeah ok.

    I'm with you, use it. Problem is . . . California has way too many people that can't mind their own business so legislation is really intrusive within particular arenas (i.e. firearms). People who have big mouths and are not experts routinely get stuff passed without any supporting evidence as to real outcomes. The problem isn't solved but there is a new law that was based upon some householder's 'common sense.'

    Are you a hunter?
  16. Ontarget

    Ontarget Copper BB

    Bummer on the living amoungst the sheep. My state is not much better in the city's. I have a few places to shoot. Coyoties are many and a few other agricultural varmints.
  17. OlympicFox

    OlympicFox .410

    Living amongst the sheep is a PITA. Unfortunately, sheep seem to be more prolific than sheep dogs.
  18. psient

    psient .22LR

    I mean; I understand why people are so intent on discovering how to control gun violence. I also understand that there are no simple solutions only simple people. However, neither side of the equation uses anything like a systematic discovery of the behavioral evidence when proposing an adult expounding on what the problem really is.

    I am always reminded about how fortunate I am to have been raised by a WWII vet. I abhor violence including violent objections but I think the outdoors is a heritage. I was looking at how the 30-06 BAR would make a great medium sized game rifle.

    My hope is to routinely take vacations to hunt feral pig. I guess deer would be ok but I think that the competition for tags and the cost of a guided hunt deter me from actually pursuing this.

    Feral pigs on the other hand have their own cable TV shows where advertisers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to support viewers entertained by the pigs being shot!. IMHO there is a fact in the popular notion that pigs are a real problem in some rural areas. I know that northern CA has its share as do most southern states. I'm pretty sure I am correct in saying that some ranchers pay people to control the feral hog population. Isn't that right? I don't know from first - hand experience but I'm pretty sure that's the case, yes?

    Now production of similar shows using the same technique to eliminate attitudes propulsing the domination of well adjusted others would be entertaining. I don't need anyone to tell me what to think or how to act like an adult. . . especially those on TV.
  19. MNTupp

    MNTupp Copper BB

    I have been searching for a Safari in 30-06 as well. They are very tough to find! The two big retailers here in MN are Gander Mountain and Cabelas. Gander Mountain has Safari's in stock, but 30-06 is next to impossible to find. They have a few 300WM, 7mm Mag, 300WSM in stock. I did find one 270 and one 243, but the 30-06 is very tough to find. They did have one in one instance I asked, but I couldn't get to it that day, and the next day it was gone. And this is in all their stores in the Minneapolis area, plus their website shows current inventory in their warehouse as well. And when I would call Cabelas to see if they had any in stock, as soon as the words "Browning BAR" left my mouth, they would say "No, none in stock". One guy told me that he has seen 3 of them come through the store in the last year.

    All that being said, I was fortunate to find a brand new Safari 30-06 on gun broker a few weeks ago and it was cheaper than Gander Mountain or Cabelas prices, so I jumped on it. So, the options quickly become 1) search online and in local retailers daily and be ready to jump when/if one shows up, or 2) order one and wait for it.
  20. psient

    psient .22LR

    Yes indeed. I have GunsAmerica send me Browning Rifle new listings. I have seen some good 30-06 Safaris rifles but haven't considered them worth buying. Sooner or later Browning will do a production run. Buds had the BAR in 300 WSM but I decided it was not practical if one wanted to hand load.

    I am also looking at a Springfield M1A. They only come in NATO Caliber but they're in the arena of medium sized game hunting. Really accurate and durable. I might end up with this as a surrogate for the BAR. However, the BAR is just as good and far less expensive (2500 vs 1500 USD).

    For big game (Elk and Bear) a bolt action 300 WSM seems reasonable. Good power and a lot less recoil than the 338 Mag. Although the WSM is not as versatile as some ammo for hand loading it's out to 700 yards in the hands of a good shooter.

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