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  1. joseph.hernandez

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    Daily new to reloading. Done some with a friend and since I'm paying $3 per shot I figured it would end up being cheaper to reload my own ammo. Was hoping to get some tips on the brand of reloading equipment I should get, and what all a beginner would need. Thank you
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  3. lrrp75thRngr

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    Start with a good reloading manual
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  4. Rudolph31

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    It would be helpful to know what you are loading for, shotgun, pistol, or rifle?
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  5. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    I only reload shotshells (12g and 20g), and love my MEC Sizemasters! But Rudolph nailed it... while I love my MEC's (possibly because I have never used any other brand), there may be better reloaders on the market for brass.
  6. Rob poston

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    My Uncle Bill had a few RCBS reloaders for his rifle rounds, and really loved them. I remember as a kid, watching him stand there and crank out bullets over and over. At first, I had no idea what exactly he was doing (I was young and had no firearm experience or knowledge at the time), and it looked like a complex process, but he really had it down to an art.
    How I miss that man.
  7. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

    That $3.00 a round sounds like .50 BMG. If so, it will cost so much money to start up that you'd need to be shooting Ma Deuce to recoup the expense.
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  8. Rob poston

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    Or a .338 Lapua Mag. I feel that pain from experience with my Sig Sauer Tactical 2. Expensive little fella to shoot, but a good round. Some of those big game, long range target, anti-armorment & anti-personnel calibers can get really expensive.

    Hummm... I wonder how much 20 rounds of .50cal MK-211 Raufoss ammounition would cost? Nevermind, I probably don't want to know.
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  9. RCBS all way. Have been reloading for 10 years and have tried a lot of different equipment , and have found you can’t do better then RCBS.
  10. Bill Idaho

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    (Those Raufoss are about $85.USD each.)

    I load well over 150,000 a year rounds a year of various calibers-from .5.56 up to .50 BMG. I have about 8 progressives, a handful of turrets, and a couple of single stage presses. I do NOT reload shotgun, as from what the guys tell me at the sporting clays and 5 stand ranges--it's just as cheap to buy them on sale at the local store.
    I never did buy into the blue crew- meaning Dillon. All of my progressives are Lee Pro1000. Sure, they do require a little extra effort to get them "tuned" up, but once a guy watches the numerous videos on setting each individual station, they DO run like the proverbial Swiss watch. For a fraction of what a Dillon costs. And Lee has virtually the exact same warranty/customer service!
    All my single stage presses are RCBS. I use those for real short runs of a certain caliber. I have to complaints with any of them. I will say buying on bulk does reduce the cost-per-round. And by "bulk" I am talking about a pallet of something.
  11. Ranger6

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    I have used several different brands, but always come back to single stage mec. Sure you can load faster on a progressive, but I’m looking for consistent loads with pattern and pressure in mind. Some slam mec, and I’m sure you can find someone out there that will have something bad to say about any brand. For the money and the results I have no problem with mec single stage. Start small and move up from there. You will find one you like. If you go buy the high dollar press and don’t like to reload then you wasted money. A lot of people get carried away with perfect crimps and this and that. Follow the load out of a good book or web site. Hodgdon has .5 grain built in, so don’t get crazy when your drop is a little over or under. And same for your crimp. I have shot shells with bb’s falling out or tape over the end to keep them from falling out. They all went bang. Get you a decent press and get to loading.
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    RCBS Jr. 2 single stage allows me to keep track of the loads that I'm relegated to make by the use of so many wildcats.
    Thanks, Ackley, Ugalde, Herrett, and Bellm!
    30 Herrett 145 gr. cast.jpg 30 Herrett 145 gr. cast Herrett with figured wood.jpg 30 Herrett w/vented extension & custom furniture
    Thanks for the relocation
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