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  1. pete hatch

    pete hatch Copper BB

    messing around with grip design, 3-d printed a test fit/look before cnc...
    did one straight gloss, the other with stonewash finish; my trademark skull and piston crossbones
    Image 12-15-18 at 5.28 PM (1).jpeg Image 12-15-18 at 5.28 PM.jpeg
  2. Pretty nifty to be able to print your own! Paying for custom grips can get pricey.

    I'm wanting/needing fatter grips for my 1911-22 but do not know how or where to find longer grip screws. I made "shims" from plastic report covers but two layers of those are not thick enough and I'm thinking that if I get that under layer any thicker the screws will not be long enough to keep the factory grips (which are pretty thin) in place.

    There is one many who has a store on Etsy who can make fatter grips from wood for me and counter sink the hole enough so my existing screws will work, but I'm really not wanting to spend what it will cost to make a design that I would like half as much as the ones that came with the gun.

    Does anyone know where I can find longer grip screw sets that will fit this gun? I've looked on line and there are so many tens of different kinds that I'm just confused.

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