Plastic Coating on BL-22 Stock???

Discussion in 'Browning BL-22 Rifle' started by huskerbob, Apr 26, 2018.

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    I purchased a 1975 BL-22 online for what I think was a very fair price. It arrived today and I was disappointed with the amount of "plastic" (I guess) coating on the stock and forend. The wood grain is very pretty and I'm considering stripping the stock down to the wood and refinishing it.

    I have a refinishing process that has worked very well on other wood stocks of lessor value project guns and they turned out very well.

    The metal on this BL-22 is exceptional and while the gun was purchased as a shooter, I'm concerned about doing anything that would diminish the guns value.

    An opinions?

    Refinish or Retain Original finish?

  2. I don't think you could hurt the value on the refinish. It's really not a collector piece. They are still being made the same today. I have a 1980 that I refinished the stock on and really like it with just a wax finish on it. My opinion is make it the way you like it and enjoy.
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    I sort of agree with you but I've been told removing the "factory finish" on this gun can be a royal pain...............
  4. I had no problems what so ever. I took the stocks off the rifle, used orange stripper (don't remember the exact name of it, not home right now) let it sit for an hour and it took it right off. My stock was beat to heck. I sanded all the scratches and dents out and used a paste wax to finish it. Looks good to me. Gave it kinda an old look.

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    Was it CitriStrip by any chance? I used that on a Savage 29b I picked up as a project gun and it turned out very well. However, the finish on that stock was not as "thick" as the finish on the BL-22 seems to be.

    By the way, you did a very nice job on yours!!
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  6. Yes it was CitriStrip, then I also used Watco Paint and Poly remover. I had forgot that I used two coats of different things. I used the Watco once also for a second coat after taking the CitriStrip off. I left it on an hour also. I had forgotten that I did that. But that was it. I had bought the Watco just in case the CitriStrip did not work. Thanks for the compliment, I like the wax coating. It gives it more a old fasion look and any scratch or dent sands right out and then just re-wax and you're done.
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  8. That is a perfect job. I really like the looks of that rifle. Congratulations
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