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Discussion in 'Browning Mark Handgun' started by gmcjetpilot, Mar 5, 2016.

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    Hi my name is Greg. Sorry it is so long, but basically what is your favorite Buck Mark and why. I currently own a Ruger Mark III 22/45, Target, 5.5" Bull Barrel, Adj Sight, blued, poly lower with fixed grip panels, rail with Bushnell TR25.... Love the gun, bought it used and got a good deal. But time to upgrade. Was thinking of a straight Mark III, like a SS Hunter, fluted barrel (5.5" or 6.88"), beautiful gun. I like the Luger grip of MKII/MKIII more than the 1911 '45' grip.... I have some money burning a hole in my pocket and want to buy another gun.

    Then I said what about not Ruger. I was thinking a USED Colt Woodsman, which is legend but out of production for almost 40 years. I also toyed with the idea of threading the Rugers barrel, with the thought I will get a silencer one day. That is low priority. I might as well buy a gun with a threaded barrel. However all the guns I like are not threaded. I will have to get that desire scratched down the road with another gun.

    Then I realized the Buck Mark was awesome and still in production. HELP ME DECIDE. I usually hate these posts on forums when others post them, "What should I do", because it really is a personal decision. HOWEVER as much as I know about guns, been shooting for a long time, conceal carry daily...etc... I know nothing of the Buck Marks.

    My current choices are:
    Buck Mark UDX Blued with Walnut or Rosewood, choice 1 and 2
    Buck Mark UDX SS with Dark Grips (assume wood), choice 3

    Leaning towards choice 2... looks classic. However SS is pretty (personal choice), but I'd have to say it looks better on the Ruger where the lower and upper are both SS. The two tone look OK. I started to think about SS vs Blued chrome molly steel blued.. I read there really are no significant difference or draw backs. However SS, some say it may wear differently (faster), but then it is easier to clean and hide wear and scratches or can be fixed/blended easily. COMMENTS?

    Only concern is does the Buck Mark eat bulk 22 ammo. I have a bucket O bullets. My Ruger has NEVER misfired... (well once or twice and at least one of those was due to me). I read the Buck Marks are picky? This is not going to denture me, but what is the truth? COMMENTS?

    On the other hand I am cheap and understand these guns are not that much better in that their internals are the same. How is the URX grip, I hear some love and others hate them. The price and availability is better on these and the "Camper". Then the "Hunter" is nice with and comes with a rail. I have to have a rail. Iron sights are great, but the idea of spending another $25 or even $75 for a "tactical" replacement upper strap/rail does not appeal to my cheap side.... Suggestions... :)

    PS to muddy the waters I have been thinking of buying a used Woodsman.... Seems a lot like the Buck Mark but of course is out of production, used and not quite as updated... I am going to assume accessories are harder to come by and more expensive.... COMMENTS?
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    Well I will reply to my own post. I got a URX Standard in blue... in part the rebate, plus 10% signing up for Bass Pro credit card and it was a display model with some wear... and got another $50 off. Still it was not quite as good as the URX I lusted after, but it was also about $95 cheaper/// I like the grip but in the future I'll look for a UDX.... I shot 100 rounds of Remington bucket O bullets with a problem. I cleaned it and had a heck of time getting some of the screws out. The firing pin block was welded in. After oil, working it, using a small pick to go to the bottom on one of the side openings I got it out. Cleaning went well.... So I am a buck mark owner.

    Range report. I had to dial in the sigtt. And got some good groups... HOWEVER this range has lower light and the sights were black on black... I forgot to go after it with my white. Paint. Problem solved, it's painted now. It should be better next time out....

    Two things:

    1) The trigger seems stiff....

    2) What kind of rail can I buy... I see the "tactical" one for $80. Then the plain Jane for $25.... I know Volquartsen has one where you transfer the sight... for $40... That seems to be the ticket?
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    Sorry to keep ya waiting...been busy with all the forums I tend to....

    I own an older Browning Buckmark Standard

    Produced:1985 - 2007
    Caliber:.22 LR
    Action:blowback operated semi-auto
    Trigger:single-action (SA)
    Safety:frame mounted thumb safety
    Frame:matte blue aluminum
    Grips:molded composite
    Sights:fixed blade front, adj. target rear
    Notes:blued steel slab bull barrel
    Barrel Length:5.5 in.
    Overall Length:
    9.5 in.

    Weight:34 oz.
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    Sorry to keep you waiting...been busy on all the forums I moderate.

    I own an older ( Early 90's ) Browning Buckmark Standard...bought used with the red dot below already mounted and 5 magazines... for $180


    Type: Pistol
    Produced: 1985 - 2007
    Caliber: .22 LR
    Action: blowback operated semi-auto
    Trigger: single-action (SA)
    Safety: frame mounted thumb safety
    Magazine: 10-round
    Frame: matte blue aluminum
    Grips: molded composite
    Sights: fixed blade front, adj. target rear
    Notes: blued steel slab bull barrel
    Barrel Length: 5.5 inches
    Overall Length: 9.5 inches
    Weight: 34 ounces
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    BTW...congrats on your new standard.

    (#1) Hopefully the trigger will loosen up with use...

    (#2) And as far as the rail(s) really depends on what you want or need to hang accessories on the frame...I imagine you'll go with a red dot or even a laser....correct ?

    ( I really can't comment on the rail choices, as mine was already set-up when I bought it used. )

    Post a picture of yours when you find the time...
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