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    Living in SW Ohio, I’ve given up long guns. Just shoot handguns now. I grew up with revolvers and as I age I take some comfort that I can still handle them well-even on a “bad” day. About half the time I carry a small pistol. I’ve owned some 1911s over the years but can not handle the heavy full size models now. Will be 78 next month and carry regularly - revolver or a P238 or P938.
    I picked up a Browning 1911-380 early last year and love it. Easy to handle; easy to shoot well. I have just ordered a 2nd one and plan to start carrying it also. The small SIGs are hard to beat for concealed carry, but the 1911-380 is just RIGHT!
    I’ve already picked up some good info from the forums. Thanks!
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    Welcome to the forum old dog.

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