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Discussion in 'Browning Mark Handgun' started by SBParks, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. SBParks

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    I am glad to find this forum for us Browning owners. Thank you!

    Question... newly purchased Browning Buck Mark... The 'Hunter' version (7 1/4 inch barrel)... I would like to know what the Allen wrench (hex) sizes are to disassemble the gun. Specifically the two Allens on top of the rail and the smaller (at least on my gun) Allen that secures the barrel to the frame.

    I have something that fits the top pretty well, but nothing that comes close (mine are either too small or too large) that fits the barrel Allen.

    I don't want to make an error that would harm the screws as the are.

    Were these screws secured with Loctite?


  2. SHOOTER13

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    Sorry Scott...not sure of those Allen Wrench sizes.

    But hang tight...some member here will reply shortly.
  3. Hairtrigger

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    I lusted after the Hunter until last winter when I found a deal on a used but like new one
    It is my 4th Buckmark
    I have yet to fire my hunter
    I just dug my Hunter out of my gun room as well as a set of Allen wrenches
    In front of the trigger it takes a 7/64. On top of the rail it takes a 9/64
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  4. SHOOTER13

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    Thanks Hairtrigger !!
  5. SBParks

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    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the effort you took to help me. I just tried my hex bits on my Buckmark. Here's what I found...

    The 9/64ths in the top bolts are good. Pretty snug, but I am finding that the bolts are tight. I still haven't loosened them. It will take more torque that what I can apply with my driver handle (I'll need a socket driver to do the job). Are these bolts secured with a Locktite type product?

    The barrel screw... I tried the 7/64th bit. It is too small. It spins inside the bolt head. The hex I have between the 7/64 and the 9/64 is an 1/8. The 1/8 is too big. What does seem to fit is a T15 Torx bit. Can anyone confirm that this is what is being used? I am having a hard time of eyeballing the bolt and identifying it as a Torx fastener.

    I haven't applied real torque to either of the bolts as I don't want to bugger anything before being certain about the fasteners.

    Thank you for your time Gentlemen!

  6. SBParks

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    After posting last night I was finally able to get a good look at the barrel screw that I am having trouble identifying.

    It really appears to be a plain old hex (Allen) head, but there is something going on with it. I believe it has already been stripped. Mind you, this is a brand new, from the factory firearm.

    Some additional observations... the screw head looks fine (doesn't show obvious bright metal scratches), but it does have some loose debris inside the allen head opening. I also see a material in the threads... it looks like copper anti-seize to me, but I know that doesn't make sense for that to have been applied to the screw. I used a q-tip and cleaned some black debris from the opening (possibly grease or the anti-seize that I am talking about).

    So, unfortunately for me, the 7/64 bit turns freely inside the allen. Next bit up is a 1/8 and that's too large. The T15 fits and holds, but I haven't applied torque.

    I am wondering if I can find a metric hex head that is 'close enough'.

    The whole reason I am asking about the disassembly is to be able to do a takedown for a thorough cleaning.

    Thanks again for your time.


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