My New Browning A5 Problem

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    DJDAWG .22LR

    Iam shooting again tomorrow ......... but the gun hasnt malfunctioned in the last 225 shots .......I just lost confidence in the gun overall.
    The dealer has agreed to give me my money back ....minus 200.00
    Browning has not said anything on refund.
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    Well...Good Luck.
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  3. lou fava

    lou fava .410

    Suppose it's good the gun hasn't malfunctioned but I can certainly understand your loosing confidence especially if using the gun to hunt

    Any reason the dealer is with holding $200 of the original purchase cost?
    Did you contact Browning directly about the return? I have heard of other guys either getting replacement guns or full refunds from Browning
  4. lou fava

    lou fava .410

    Well guys sorry it took so long but I finally have an update on my A-5 Hunter.
    Shot well over 60 rounds yesterday mixture of...
    Remington low brass 2-3/4 7-1/2 – Remington high brass #4 & #5 – Winchester high brass Long Beard XR #4 in both 3” & 3.5” – Winchester Super X 3” #1 buck - Winchester Super X 3.5” 00 buck

    I ran into 3 cycling issues:

    I had two pretty old Remington 2-3/4 7-1/2 rounds jam brass on shells was a bit corroded but nothing that bad it would make me think twice about shooting (first picture shows jam)

    One Winchester Super X 3.5 00 buck jammed so hard it actually compressed the plastic portion of the shell into the brass (2nd picture) if you look closely you can see a wrinkle in the plastic shell casing just above the brass

    The last issue was a Winchester high brass Long Beard XR 3.5” #4 – this issue may or may not have been the guns fault (3rd picture) the crimped portion of the shell failed I don’t know if this was a defective shell or if when the gun tried cycling this shell & jammed the force of the jam actually busted the shell open.

    All cycling issues occurred after the first shot was fired & the second shell was being cycled other than these issues the gun was flawless I even mixed combinations of 2-3/4, 3”, 3.5” and the gun ripped off all three without hesitation. I am feeling better but there is still some concern over the 3.5” shells jamming as I use the gun mainly for deer hunting.

    I am going to call Browning today & report my findings…..I’ll be back with an update later



  5. lou fava

    lou fava .410

    Quick update: Called Browning reported what I explained in the post above and they want the gun back they already emailed me a pre-paid UPS return label and told me the gun would be marked as a priority once it gets back to Browning because its the second time it's being sent back.

    I asked what was done to the gun the first time I sent it back the tech I spoke with told me it looked like they replaced the shell "extractor" which I pretty much agree with because the one the gun came back with was much sharper than the original and the guns was really throwing the spent shells out when I tested it yesterday. He also told me Browning was aware of a problem with some of the extractors not being "straight" and they machined new replacement extractors at the Browning facility he didn't elaborate but I got the feeling a lot of parts are contracted from outside machine shops and possible that's where the issue arose.

    The tech thoroughly explained the testing process the gun goes through after it leaves the gunsmith dept. & also said its very rare a gun gets sent back more than once. He also said if the gun wasn't to my liking after the second time back the gun would be replaced or cost refunded.

    Gun is being sent off to Browning tomorrow...I'll be back with updates

    DJDAWG .22LR

    Please keep us updated ............. I gave my gun back and bought an over and under ....winchester 101 sporting
  7. lou fava

    lou fava .410

    Well buying an over/under is one way to fix a cycling problem. All jokes aside good luck with the new gun, as far as mine goes I tracked the return yesterday & confirmed it was received at Browning on Monday I figure I'll give them a week before I call for an update. I'll certainly let you know how things turn out. One thing is for sure 3.5" OO buckshot isn't cheap & I plan on shooting a few boxes through the gun when I get it back, think I might ask for some sort of credit
  8. lou fava

    lou fava .410

    Well guys sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread with an update (hopefully thread is still alive) but took a few weeks to get gun back from Browning & with 90+ degree weather I really didn't have much incentive on going to the range to test fire but finally got a break with the weather yesterday and took the gun out to test.
    Not sure if you guys remember, but the gun has already been back to Browning for cycling issues once & it did operate better, but still had issues so I contacted Browning again and they had me send it back a second time. Browning for what they claim as liability reasons can not tell me what their gunsmiths did to the gun either time they had it. Reason being if a customer has a gun not operating correctly Browning wants to fix it. I guess the thought behind that (which I fully understand) is if Browning tells me what their gunsmiths did to fix my gun I might tell someone else that is having the same problem, in turn that someone else may take it upon themselves, or take it to a private self-proclaimed gunsmith to try to have the problem fixed which could create more problems with the gun or even worse get someone hurt.
    One thing I did find when I got the gun back which didn't not come with the gun at the original time of purchase was cleaning & oiling procedure which I have uploaded below. Not sure if they are trying to tell me I over oiled the gun or if this is something new but rest assured I've grown up with shotguns I own over 20 everything from semi-auto spring recoil to gas operated as well as double barrels & pump guns I clean & oil all of them pretty much in the same manner & have never had any issues.
    Anyway getting back to the test shooting I poured another $75 worth of ammo through it (3.5 00 buck & 3.5 # turkey loads aren't cheap) but I wanted to make sure EVERYTHING the gun could shoot would cycle through the gun flawlessly and I have to report not one cycling or jamming issue again I don't know what Browning did but in my opinion the gun felt better than it did when I first bought it. I took it home cleaned it & oiled as per Browning's enclosed instructions I am going to stop on the way home from work tonight and shoot a box of 3.5" 00 buck, 3" 00 buck, and a handful of high & low brass miscellaneous stuff hopefully all goes well & I'll finally be able to put my full trust into this gun......I'll be back with hopefully a final update tomorrow.

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    OK...looking forward to the range report.
  10. DJDAWG

    DJDAWG .22LR

    I returned my A5 to the dealer as stated above ......... bought a Win. 101 and then bought a Brn. Maxus and shoot either gun rather well .......
    However the A5 kept calling my name ....LOL.......and I bought it back from the dealer cause I just had to have
    So .....since receiveing it I have put 400 rounds through it flawlessly , not one malfunction.
    Iamm one happy camper
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  11. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    As the proud owner of a 101 Presentation Grade, I have to say that I have a soft spot for these guns. Then again, I have always loved over and unders.
    Still, the Auto 5/A-5 is a fine gun as well. Definitely something to be said for both. While I do not personally own an A-5, I do have a few Auto 5's, and the A-5 Ultimate is definitely next on my list of "to gets". Hopefully this shell issue is resolveable.
    Glad you were able to buy your shotgun back from the dealer, and I am happy to hear that yours is working fine now. I hope you have many years of pleasure out of it!
  12. DJDAWG

    DJDAWG .22LR

    Thank you .............mine was an oil in the recoil spring area ......since removing the recoil pad and taking the stock off...... drying everything out with no lube .........its worked ever since
    The only place this gun gets lube is where the bolt slides ........clean the barrel , grease the bolt and thats it.
    Mine is a 3 in. gun 30 in. barrel and points rather nicely for me ........" I LOVE IT NOW THATS ITS FUNCTIONING PROPERLY"
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  13. DJDAWG

    DJDAWG .22LR

    BTW...........My 101 is a sporting model with a 32 in. barrel and is awsum ...........the A5 kicks more than any other gun I have , but not bad IMHO
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  14. lou fava

    lou fava .410

    As reported yesterday I planned to take the gun out and test fire for a second time after cleaning (per Browning’s cleaning instructions) from first test fire session on Tuesday.

    Tested 3.5” 00 buck & 3.5” #4 turkey loads and am happy to report the gun operated flawlessly!!

    Although the problem was a huge headache which seems to finally be over, I can’t say enough about the Browning support team. Everyone I spoke to was extremely polite & helpful.
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    Good to hear...
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  16. lou fava

    lou fava .410

    Was contemplating calling Browning & requesting some sort of reimbursement for the $100+ dollars worth of ammo I had to burn through just wonder what you guys think.....or should I just call it water under the bridge?
  17. DJDAWG

    DJDAWG .22LR

    IMHO...........water under the bridge.
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  18. jONNYB

    jONNYB .22LR

    Having cycling problems with current "new" A5 3" Stalker. Last box of clays it didn't cycle 5-6 shells. Can't recall what brand or load, but plan on shooting later this week. Believe the shells were 7/8 or 1 oz., but not sure. Will document the shoot and advise. Apparently this gun is supposed to shoot everything!
  19. lou fava

    lou fava .410

    How long have you had the gun?

    As I mentioned in previous post mine was manufactured late 2015 & purchased brand new in 09/2016 I sent my A5 Hunter back twice earlier this summer after getting it back the second time it did not malfunction keeping my fingers crossed, hopefully over time I will have 100% confidence in it.

    If you bought you gun recently I would recommend calling Browning tech & getting the gun back to them for service
  20. DJDAWG

    DJDAWG .22LR

    Mine was made in early 2014 and after totally cleaning the recoil spring area and running oiless (no lube in the spring area) only a little grease on the bolt where it slides , has fired well over a thousand rounds flawlessly .........Iam a happy camper with my gun now.

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