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    Has any one tried to take the 1911 22 mags apart to clean,It looks like it can't be done. I tried soaking one in gun scrubber or hoppe's but they really need to be taken apart!
  2. Nothing at all on you tube. According to the owners manual you do NOT take the magazines apart to clean them. Here are the instructions from the manual:

    DO NOT USE EXCESSIVE LUBRICANT. USING TOO MUCH LUBRICANT CAN INTERFERE WITH THE FUNCTION OF YOUR PISTOL. CLEANING THE MAGAZINE Frequently inspect magazines to determine the need for cleaning as lubricant and dirt will gradually collect in the mechanism. Normally, the magazine should be cleaned after firing 500 to 1000 cartridges. 1 Clean the magazine by spraying it both inside and out with an aerosol solvent that will not adversely affect the polymer magazine follower or corrode the metal components. 2 Cycle the magazine follower to loosen and remove dirt and grease. 3 Depress the follower and, using a cleaning rod with a tip and patch that will fit into the top of the magazine, clean any deposits of built-up material from the front of the magazine. 4 Spray the magazine again with polymer-safe solvent both inside and out, to loosen debris. 5 Shake all excess solvent from the magazine and dry with a cloth or blow dry with compressed air, if available.
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    I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like depressing the two plastic detents near the aft end of the 22 baseplate may allow it to be removed so the mag can be disassembled from the bottom. Also, I expect there is some significance to the two rectangular slot openings in the bottom of the baseplate that align vertically with the two aft detents.

    These mags could really benefit from a slightly stronger mag spring so the slide would lock back on the last round. Alternatively, reducing the internal friction of the mag could help.
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