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  1. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

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  2. gomer_pyle

    gomer_pyle .22LR

    I was searching for info on Euro-Bolts, I have a 7mm Rem Mag w/ BOSS and a .270 Win. There doesn't seem to be too much literature about them out there.
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  3. Mowgli Terry

    Mowgli Terry Copper BB

    Recently: Fell heir to an A-Bolt with missing extractor. Don't recall exactly when I joined. Found the forum on the net originally.
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  4. deaner

    deaner .22LR

    was looking for info on a citori and came across it
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  5. Dueeast

    Dueeast Copper BB

    New member here. Found this site while searching info for an SA-22 1963 Belgian rifle I bought recently.
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  6. Kevin Shelley

    Kevin Shelley Copper BB

    Google simplifies the steps in finding anyone with an interest in A5's!! Glad to be on-board.
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  7. I was trying to find information on a 1965 Browning A 5 I have that I was told was in Stephen Kings movie Silver Bullet
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  8. Rudolph31

    Rudolph31 .30-06

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  9. Thank you
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  10. carpetbagger

    carpetbagger Copper BB

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  11. BKB1950

    BKB1950 Copper BB

    I was searching for info on a Citori that I picked up & couldn't find the model number on Browning's site. One suggestion was this site. I nailed it here.
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  12. Tom Kimbrel

    Tom Kimbrel Copper BB

    Hi from Idaho - Buying a BLR from the wife of a deceased family member, it will not drop the hammer, I believe the gun needs a thorough cleaning. Found the site through a Google search.
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  13. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    I just googled "Browning High Wall" and found this site. Glad to be here! :rolleye:
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  14. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    I have about 15-20 (Belgium) A5s. (See my introductory post for details.)

    I don't use Goggle, I use Duckduckgo. In one of my million searches for all things A5, this site came up. Quite honestly I cannot figure out why I didn't learned about it earlier., but I digress.....)

    (Tom Kimbrel, what part of Idaho? I am in Caldwell.)
  15. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    I have DuckDuckGo but don't use it much since it is connected to Yahoo-Bing search alliance network has affiliate relationships with Amazon and eBay.
    they've got us one way or the other!:oops2:
    I got ticketed once in Dillon Montana (1974) for driving on interstate 15 when it was closed due to heavy snow. I told them to "Bill Idaho" for allowing me to take that route! :lol:
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  16. Bill Idaho

    Bill Idaho .270 WIN

    (I was still living in Illinois in 74. AND I have witnesses.)
  17. Noturus

    Noturus .410

  18. Joesmoe3

    Joesmoe3 Copper BB

    I think I found this site maybe four years ago looking for information about adjusting the trigger on a BLR.

    I recently picked up my third BLR, and had forgotten who knew about them, and re-discovered this site.

    I'm also a fan of the BARs, of which I have several.

    Thank you for add.
  19. Noturus

    Noturus .410

    I always wanted a BLR in 450 Marlin but they seem to be rare and hard to come by. I only looked for it at gun shows and pawn shops over the years thinking any gun dealer would way over priced.
  20. gnappi

    gnappi .22LR

    As a longtime browning shotgun owner, over time I acquired HP's and I was looking for some info on them and stumbled on this site from a google search.

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