Higher Pressure or +P 380ACP Ammo

Discussion in 'Browning 1911 - 380 Handgun' started by Drewz21, May 3, 2021.

  1. Drewz21

    Drewz21 .22LR

    Does anyone know if the 1911-380 can safely shoot any of the +P labeled ammo from the few manufacturers that make it? Such as Buffalo Bore.

    Thank you.
  2. Drewz21

    Drewz21 .22LR

    I just ordered a couple of boxes of Buffalo Bore +P ammo to try out. I'll post how it goes.
  3. Drewz21

    Drewz21 .22LR

    Got my new Buffalo Bore ammo in today. Plan on trying it out in a couple of weeks. Will let everyone know the results.

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  4. In The Ten Ring

    In The Ten Ring .270 WIN

    How does the Buffalo bore shoot?
  5. Drewz21

    Drewz21 .22LR

    Hey, sorry for the late response. Work's been busy.
    The Buffalo Bore shot great through both of my 1911-380 4.25 inch barrel guns. I shot 5 rounds of each type and never had FTFs or FTEs. I also used 4 different factory magazines during the testing.

    I did run into some issues with my Caldwell Chronograph, but I'm posting my results here.

    Brand & Type Advertised Specs Chronograph Average
    Buffalo Bore 100 Grain Hard Cast +P - Flat Nose 1150 FPS 1125
    Buffalo Bore 80 Grain Lead Free +P Barnes TAC-XP- Flat Nose 1275 FPS 1250
    Buffalo Bore 95 Grain +P FMJ - Flat Nose 1150 FPS 1115
    Buffalo Bore 90 Grain +P JHP 1200 FPS 1175
    PMC - 90 Grain FMJ - Round Nose 961 FPS 980
    Winchester Training 95 Grain FMJ - Flat Nose 950 FPS 960

    I added some standard over the counter ammo as a baseline. I had some Fiocchi in there as well but my chronograph stopped working correctly by then. I also tried using my Springfield 911 with the 2.70 inch barrel but couldn't get accurate readings by then.
    I was very impressed with the velocity of the Buffalo Bore, especially the 80 grain lead free. The felt recoil wasn't too much more than with the standard ammo but it was felt more in the smaller Springfield.

    I would absolutely use this ammo for self-defense as it has more power behind it than standard over the counter rounds. I recommend it.

    Hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.

    Safe shooting!
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  6. Drewz21

    Drewz21 .22LR

    I meant to upload some pics of my setup too.

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