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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by Lucille, May 9, 2017.

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    Hi everyone,
    After a long time, I decided to get back into shooting trap at my local club. I bought a new 725 High Rib Sporting. So out I go to the club. I talked to a few of the guys there and one of them helped me with my jitters on my first round. I was pretty nervous being a new member, a new un-shot gun and people I had never met. Everyone was very nice and one of the officers came to the line with me for my first round. I broke 21 of 25 on that round. The second round was shot in the shadows of the evening, hard to find bird at times. I broke 18 of 25. It was just a wonderful experience.

    Now the downside.. For some reason my right cheek is very sore and swelled up. I did notice the recoil at my cheek but very little at the shoulder. Can anyone relate to what is happening with my cheek? I would appreciate any advice to stop this.

    Luci with a sore puffy jaw
  2. Rob poston

    Rob poston .270 WIN

    Hi Luci!
    Sounds like you did just fine. Thing about trap shooting is, that it is a sport of gentlemen (and women, alike). The people I shoot with are more than happy to help a new, or new again shooter. Sounds like you had a good experience.
    As for PCS (puffy cheek syndrome ;-) ), I am going out on a limb and say that you are hovering your face on the butstock. This is just a wild guess, based off the fact that you have a high rib. Hovering will cause the gun to hop into your cheek from the recoil, thus causing swelling. You might want to check into a stick on cheek pad, which will not only cushion your cheek, but bring it to a more appropriate height for that high rib configuration. Just a thought.
    Likewise, if you hold it too tight to your face, it can cause swelling as well, but due to the high rib configuration, I still suggest that perhaps the opposite is true. Without watching you shoot, it is hard to tell.
    Good luck, keep shooting, and enjoy that 725!
    By the way, did it loosen up any for you?
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  3. Lucille

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    Thanks for the reply Rob,
    It did loosen up a we bit. In time I am sure it will be much easier. It was pretty dirty in the action areas where movement happens. I did a good cleaning and a lite oil.
    Wednesday evening is my next time out shooting. This time I am shooting for the Butler Club Trap Team as they welcomed me to shoot on it.

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    Awesome scores Luci...!!

    And that swollen cheek...what Rob has said is probably the cause.
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