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Discussion in 'Browning Hi Power Handgun' started by Rick G, Mar 16, 2021.

  1. Rick G

    Rick G Copper BB

    Hello All,
    I recently came into possession of this beauty. When my Mom offered it to me I was floored. I have always loved 1911's but the Hi-Power was a dream pistol that I doubted I would ever own. Based on the serial number I believe she was manufactured in 1969. I don't love the super thin front site or the small v groove in the rear tangent site but I won't change a thing.
    Please excuse the finger print, I didn't notice until I saw it on a large display.

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  2. Soundguy

    Soundguy .22LR

    What a great gift!

    And 1969 sounds about right.
    After you shoot her a bit, consider a complete set of new springs for an even better experience.


  3. Rick G

    Rick G Copper BB

    Thank you Tim. Are you just referring to the main slide spring or the other springs in the action as well? Where do you source these?
  4. Soundguy

    Soundguy .22LR

    All of the springs, including the sear spring. In the High Power, the springs tend to work together... replace one and you really should replace another. In a 51 year old pistol, all of the springs are due for a change.

    Re: sear spring anecdote
    I bought a 1943 Occupation High Power a couple years ago. She had a really smooth trigger pull of about 2#s. Had I fired it without changing that one spring, the sear spring, she likely would have emptied an entire magazine with one pull of the trigger. I replaced it with a spare sear spring from an SFS kit I had installed in a different HP. It works safely and reliably now. No more hammer follow. No longer incredibly dangerous.

    My favorite place for springs and other High Power stuff is BH Spring Solutions. They have a nice collection of spring kits, proper tools, individual parts and lots of other stuff. If you aren't sure what you need, you can call them and they will gladly help you figure it out.

    What you need will probably be on the CLASSIC page. Look around, sign up for emails so you know when different things are offered for special discounts. If you aren't sure... email or call them!

    The voucher code "BHVet10" gets you a 10%discount.
    And don't forget to get a free recoil spring!

    BHSS has 1911 stuff, too.
    Great products and great service.


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  5. In The Ten Ring

    In The Ten Ring .270 WIN

    Good receive there!

    I bought my first Hi Power back in 2001, which was my first Gunbroker purchase. Now I have 10 HP's. It's one of my favorite handguns.
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  6. I know this isn't the right place for this but, is Mel Doyle still in business? I've had him do some bluing for me years back but, now every time I try to call him it rings funny then just hangs up?

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