Finally Figured out a Good Sight Option on BL-22

Discussion in 'Browning BL-22 Rifle' started by jstanfield103, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Guy's as I shoot Red Dots more and more I have been trying to figure a way not to drill or tap my BL-22 and or my 1955 Marlin for scopes or Red Dots. My 1955 Marlin will just stay with the peep sights.
    On my Browning BL-22 I wanted to be able to use a scope or Red Dot and also be able to quickly remove it and also be able to use the peep sights. I had a Primary arms Red Dot that I was not using. It had a Allen head bolt that it uses to keep it tight on the picatinny rail. The Browning being a rimfire scope rail that would not work. I ended up taking the screw out of the primary arms and putting a finger tightening screw in it. Took some filling and drilling on the Red Dot base but finally got it in and working. I had bought some UTG metal reducers that will reduce a picatinny size scope ring down to a 11mm or 3/8" rimfire rail mount. Used one of them that is easily held on to the Primary Arms Red Dot when removed to mount the sight.
    Very happy with the result. Compact for that little rifle and does not make the rifle look to ugly. it will make this rifle even more fun than it already is to shoot.
  2. Norske

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    Aren't the 3/8 inch tip-off grooves on air rifles identical to those on 22's? Air gun sellers like Pyramid Air have tip-off scope rings and likely red dots sights, too.
  3. snoeproe

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    Yup. No reason for a rail for the bl22. It’s receiver is dovetail grooved and will accept scope bases directly to it. It’s just a bit short but it can be done.

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