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  1. "We girls" (from 3 to 5 of us, depending on schedules) shoot each week. If the weather is good we do our move and shoot SD drills at our outside shooting club range. If the weather is bad we go to the the very nice indoor range not too far away.

    This week was back to shooting inside and I took both of my Brownings: The 1911-380 and the 1911-22. I have other guns that are fun to shoot, but these two are pretty special.

    The range owner allows "us" to move within our booths, so I did some Get Off the X shots, moving one step sideways in either direction as I raised my gun from waist to shooting position. It's not the same as drawing from the holster, but still keeps one in practice. And I also did some one step back and one step forward, which is all the room the booth allows, but some moving is better than no moving! And this range has turning targets and those are always fun, to see how many shots you can get IN your target zone in the least amount of time before it flips sideways.

    What is pretty interesting is that I shot pretty much the same with both guns. I do not do the switching hands, one shot, switch, etc. with my .380's because of hand damage, but I can still do that drill smoothly and accurately with any of my .22's.

    My friend Rita did a phenomenal job this week, keeping her shots IN THE MIDDLE of her target. In the 3 years we've shot together she consistently tended to shoot low and left. We have worked on everything possible to correct this problem, and finally - after she had everything else down pat - she has been working on very seriously keeping her support hand super tight. She had mistakenly believed that the shooting hand grip should be firmer and the support hand less firm, which is exactly opposite of what is necessary. NOW she is concentrating on keeping her support hand grip really tight and WOW - What an enormous difference that has made in her accuracy.

    My other friend Laura who was with us this week is just plain a great shooter. The only gun I've seen ever give her any problems was when she fired a magazine (15 rounds) from my Keltec P17 .22. Her shots were all over the place, which is no surprise because the gun is so light and the trigger is very light also. It takes a mag or two to get used to it. She said "It's like shooting a feather!" She shoots a full size Walther PDP-F, so that P17 does feel like a feather in the hand!

    So, my friends of the female persuasion: WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SHOOTING LATELY and how have you done? Let's try to share our experiences.
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    Very nice day out. Sounds like you ladies can hold your own. Job well done.
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