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Discussion in 'Browning BL-22 Rifle' started by 1MOA, Jun 4, 2018.

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    I spoke to Browning in Arnold, MO today. I told them that after removing the Take-Down Screw and opening the Lever, I can’t separate the Stock and Action from the Receiver on my Grade 1 BL-22 to give it a thorough cleaning. Immediately the Service Technician told me not to take the rifle apart for any reason. He stated I should only clean the bore, then spray an aerosol cleaner internally, clean with a brush, maybe another spray, then wipe the exterior with a light gun oil and that’s all that’s needed. Basically, as the maintenance is described in the owner’s manual.

    Seems like a lot of dirt would be left behind. Is that the way the rest of you BL-22 owners maintain your rifles?
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    interesting..............i'll be watching this one for replys
  3. Hairtrigger

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    I rarely clean my 22lr rifles.
    After cleaning I do use compressed air to rid of any loose debris left behind
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    a little more detail on your cleaning procedure would be helpful

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    First off I think more barrels are ruined by poor cleaning techniques than from not being cleaned.
    A quality cleaning rod is money well spent and must go from breech to muzzle
    Another tip is I have become fond of the Remington squeegee!
    Another thing....gonna get skinned on this one.....anal cleaning / barrel break in is money and time wasted unless you have a serious benchrest rifle
    Just some of my random thoughts
  6. huskerbob

    huskerbob .410're gonna have to help me out here. what the h*ll is "anal cleaning / barrel break in"???
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    Some guys follow a shoot then clean procedure that they believe will make any barrel Into a benchrest contender. Clean barrel with 21 strokes, shoot one shot , repeat for 8 times then 3 shots, 17 passes with cleaning rod... ect
    Many have a majic formula of cleaning and shots, kind of like making the sign of the cross before stepping into the batters box
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    got it. thanks!
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    The majority of the time, they say that to cover their butt. The average joe has no clue how to feild strip a gun. so they youtube it and, boom, they are a pro after watching it. So that's why they say don't take stuff apart.....
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    Browning says you should take your dirty gun to a gun smith to have it cleaned, I'm not paying a smith $50 bucks or so to do it,when I can do it myself.
    Been doing my own cleaning for the last 65 years!
  11. I know that this is an old thread, but in case anyone ever runs across it I will give my two cents on the OP question.

    Best way to clean with spray without disassembly is Break Cleaner (Non Chlorinated only. Has to be Non Chlorinated) Try to keep it off the stock. Just spray the action innards down and let dry. It will clean it as good as new.

    If you would like to take the action appart this is the best video to help you do that.

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