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    Just bought used Citori, had to trade in my 1975 30” tube Citori ( that I loved) because it had fixed chokes and wouldn’t shoot steel. Found a 24” Citori for a good price (a 2010 model) at a gun store and made the trade. When I was looking at it in the store it was very tight and the barrels looked like it had never been fired. The owner said they got it at an estate sale and if it had ever been shot , it wasn’t very much. After I got it home I unscrewed the chokes and inspected them , and I’m convinced this gun had never been fired. I was always impressed with my old Citori, it had seen a lot of use but the bluing always looked great. Well, after inspecting my new gun I’m amazed at the quality and beauty of this Citori! The bluing is the deepest blue and has a very high luster and the wood is flawless. It has the glossy stock(I would have preferred oil finish) but the wood has nice grain and impeccably finished. But most of all I’m impressed with the tight tolerances of the machining. I know many parts are CNC machined but the workings of an O/U shotgun require hand fitting, and Miroku gets
    an A+ for their quality. Don’t want to offend anybody here but I would put up Miroku quality against anybody, including the heralded ‘Belgium’ quality! You may be wondering why I bought a 24” barrel, well I did a lot of research on it before I bought it and my findings are that it is the chokes that make the pattern spread, not barrel length. Took it dove hunting and could tell no difference in the reach and shot some skeet and actually shot better with it than my old Citori. Well, I’m new to the Browning forum and just wanted to share this bit of info with other Browning owners, thanks for letting me join!
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    Congratulations and welcome.

    You didn’t say which model of Citori you have, but there all pretty nice.

    Years ago, Skeet guns had short barrels so they could be swung faster. These days competitive Skeet shooters prefer long barrels as they start pre-mounted and the longer barrels smooth the swing. Upland hunting is more like original Skeet where shorter barrels shine.
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    Well, I’m having a problem identifying what model this is, Browning says it is the Micro, but it does not have the 13” lop, it is 14”. It has the rounded pistol grip, shoots 2 3/4 & 3”, and it looks more like a lightning than anything else.
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